Chris Gampel (Actor)

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(02-19-1921 - 05-08-2008) Age 87

Chris Gampel began appearing on Broadway in the early 1950s.




He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/05/1974 0031 The Lady Was a Tiger A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris.
11/06/1974 0170 Terror on the Heath A young man thinks he is the incarnation of serial killer who was hanged for a series of murders in the 1800s. He finds an old photo of the killer in the public museum, and also a man well-versed in the history of the crimes.

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Chris Gampel ( February 19, 1921- He died on May 8, 2008 ) He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Morison Gampel. Gampel had at least eight Broadway credits between 1950-1969 He was a fixture in live television during the fifties. Gampel was in all the big ones: Philco Television Playhouse, Studio One, U. S. Steel Hour, Playwrights 56, Armstrong Circle Theatre, Hallmark Hall of Fame He was an actor, known for Annie Hall (1977), Death Wish (1974), Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man and The Changeling (1980). On TV he appeared on The Patty Duke Show, and Car 54, Where Are You?


Chris Gampel (also known as C.M. Gampel) appeared in 10 Broadway productions and over 40 films and television programs, including the films, Death Wish, Annie Hall and the Changeling. On TV, he appeared in the Patty Duke show, Route 66, Quincy M.E. and Law and Order, among others.


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