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Lady Macbeth at the Zoo


After unwittingly learning about a murder plot involving a young couple and the man's uncle, Waldo is determined to put a stop to it. The only problem is that Waldo is a caged monkey and despite his best efforts, cannot do a single thing to save the victim.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 31, 1982
  • Repeat - September 6, 1982





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10 Responses to Episode 1335

I loved the "ape's" point of view. Makes you wonder if we are the 2nd smartest thing on the earth. Great episode, had a smile through the whole thing.

Randy Mc

Well, a Tammy Grimes narrated show, but kind of silly and campy. It is about two anthropoid apes in the New York Zoo who happen to understand English (well, the male does, the female doesn't). They witness a human couple discussing murdering an uncle outside of their cage. The male ape, Waldo, understands, and tries to do something. He deals with the anguish of knowking someone is going to be killed, and talks about it incessantly with his ape-mate Edna. Waldo gets his cummupins though smile.gif Too many "what-ifs" in this episode for me personally, but still tolerable to listen to.

Manuel Weidinger

This is one of the most original of all the episodes. It took a great imagination to create such an episode. 5 stars.


This one is surprisingly good. And the zookeeper is really well played.

Dan Pearson

Funny and kind of light hearted despite the one point they must go through ten different ways to say "ape" (babboon, monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, etc). Well done!

Douggie Doolittle

You 'real not supposed to give away the plot Manuel This is fantasy remember

Eddy Hayes

Great episode. The apes really earned their bananas and my like rating.




I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I've listened to a lot of mystery stories that were amusing such as #0841-THE RICH OSTRICH. But this one, written by Sam Dann, is far-fetched amusing. We all heard of CBSRMT performers play detectives, soldiers, artists, criminals, musicians, writers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, amateur sleuths, historical figures, and even the undead. But not often do you hear them play zoo animals. But as I said before, it's far-fetched that an ape can help solve a murder, particularly when the ape communicates with the killer in a dream sequence. However, it's amusing to get the animal's perspective on the killing process. In her Prologue, Tammy Grimes starts the show off with a line about animals from the poet Carl Sandburg. In ACT-1, meet our 2 main characters: 2 apes named Waldo & Edna who have it easy in the Bronx Zoo. In ACT-2, the irony in this tale is that the 2 apes act humane and the 2 humans act like animals. In ACT-3, point out the fact the humans cannot get away with murder. In the end, a brief yet simple conclusion. The killer confesses and his Lady Macbeth partner in crime gets away by lying in court. But no finale mentioned for our 2 main apes. In her Epilogue, Tammy Grimes connects this episode's title with William Shakespeare. The episode's title works well, but another way to title this would be "Killer's Guilty Conscience" or even "Waldo's Wit." The sound effects of caged doors sliding, animal calls in the background, kissing sounds, rattling cage bars, rotary phone ringing, unlocking cabinet, loading the gun, gun shot, coffee pouring, cups clinking, radio knob switch, door buzzer, footsteps, doors, and massive gun fire were stupendous and fantastic! The dramatic music tunes they used, especially in the 2nd Act, work marvelously. And the grandest part in all of this was the cast: Larry Haines (as Waldo), Teri Keane (as Martha Tyson and Radio News Reporter), Evie Juster (as Edna and Lieutenant Collette), and Earl Hammond (as Tom and Carl Carroll). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays Officer O'Malley in this. Earl Hammond was great as the gleeful zookeeper and jittery killer. Teri Keane's performance as a radio speaker and a modern Lady Macbeth was remarkable. Evie Juster as the cop and the care-free ape was excellent. And Larry Haines as the diligent-crime-solving-ape was superb. Far-fetched story, but very entertaining thanks to this ensemble cast. For those that are searching for more episodes where the actors play the minds of animals, check out #0545-THE QUEEN OF CATS, starring Tammy Grimes. SPECIAL BONUS: This zoo episode has nostalgic commercials of White Westinghouse Appliance, Henry Winkler for the Leukemia Society of America, Postal Inspector for Mail Fraud, pop jingle for Girl Scouts, Paul Newman for American Cancer Society, Bob Hope for the American Library Association, Interfaith Hunger Appeal, Metamucil Laxative, CBS-TV shows of "Capital," Guiding Light," and "Tattle Tales," Lyman Saunders for The Depression Plan at Heartbeat in Hartford, Connecticut, and the Radio Advertising Bureau. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


Wow, the best play-by-play analysis and detailed critique I've ever read. Bravo, I will now listen to this episode and all the other's you recommended. Thanx🙈


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