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The Doll


The death of their beloved sister cuts deep into the psyche of her brothers and causes the twins to break their psychic connection.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 8, 1981
  • Repeat - June 30, 1981





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13 Responses to Episode 1182

Episode 1182 and 0159 are both titled "The Doll", however they are uniquely different stories, not duplicates.

Mark Main

Even though the first commenter claims this story is different from the other one, #159, there is no difference at all. None. I even went back and double-checked, and this is the exact same story, with different actors, if even that. Don't bother if you remember the story of the professor who uses a voodoo doll to try to win the love of his "niece." The description here is inaccurate. Hey, no big deal. The people who created this site have done a wonderful job with a tremendous task, so I am NOT complaining.


Hey Virgy, I must disagree. I brought both tales up in different tabs and listened to them all over again. They are quite different stories. I rather like 0159 better myself.

Jim K.

I really like this episode - it is really a lot about hypnosis and the power of suggestion with some supernatural elements. I hope others can comment when they hear episodes on whether or not they like them, because it does help us choose what to listen to. I happen to enjoy Elspeth Eric 's episodes, and I clicked on her name and all the episodes she wrote came up. I am trying to listen to all the ones she wrote! I appreciate that the organizers of this Website have allowed searches like that. There is an actress and an actor whose voices I don't enjoy so I skip episodes that feature them. I really am grateful to this Website being available because Mystery Theater was a big part of my childhood and I love listening to these episodes now. I commend Hyman Brown for creating Mystery Theater!


This is exactly the same story as 1182.

Kevin Brandon

What really annoys me about some of these shows, including this one, is when Act 2 is basically someone recounting the events of act 1. It must have been hard to crank out these scripts day after day but this is just lazy writing.

Cody warlock

This episode is yet another sappy soap opera drama from Elspeth Eric. Because it involves the same actors that were also in another drama about twin brothers fighting over two family chairs, it is almost like the same story rehashed. This story reaches it's over-dramatic "climax" when the two brothers fight over some stupid (jealous) thought about wishing their sister had never been born. People think all sorts of crazy things like this. It doesn't mean a ding dong thing in reality, but Elspeth loves to spin this kind of thing into a big drama.


You may not like Eric's scripts but many of them are really before their time as far as exploring the strangeness of the human psyche. Not sure why you have to be so rude. It is possible to be critical without being rude.


I rather enjoy reading Amy's critique of Elspeth Eric's stories, as I find most to be rather unsettling, as though Elspeth had some pointed daddy and family issues she is living through in her writings. Seems like they're always centered around self loathing and pity, to which I think people just need to get over it and move on with their lives instead of being a constant emotional burden to everyone around them.

Jim K.

Hey, I just checked the audio on this page and this is NOT the Elspeth Eric story I was writing about above! This episode is another story written by Henry Slesar about a "voodoo doll" and the Elspeth Eric story is lost somewhere else. I checked to see if the Slesar and Eric episodes were switched and they are NOT switched. There are two copies of the Slesar episode, one correctly under his name and the other copy (incorrectly) under Eric's name. They are both called "The Doll". However, the Elspeth Eric episode about the twins and the death of their sister is not there, and I am not sure if it is on this site at all, or where it would be located. I just thought I should let the mods of this site know that this needs to be corrected. (I realize it's confusing to have two episodes with the same title. It's possible that the Elspeth Eric episode actually has a different title.)


Well, actually, I checked again and they seem to have done the same story twice. They recorded "The Doll" with a different cast and then redid it later with other actors. However, I still say that the Elspeth Eric episode that is listed here is not the actual recording on this page. So where is the Elspeth Eric episode it and what is it called? (I was just listening to it on internet radio, so I know it truly exists.)


Actually, I need to make another, final correction. Sorry for all the posts, but I think this is important to resolve. There are two copies of the episode "The Doll". The one on the other page is much better sound quality, but it is the same episode that is on this page. The clear sound quality copy is listed as as episode 0159 and the one on this page is listed as 1182. My suspicion is that the Elspeth Eric episode SHOULD have been listed as 0159 and "The Doll" is probably episode 1182. (I am not sure about this, but I am just guessing.) The Elspeth Eric episode probably has a completely different title and it seems to be missing. Or perhaps there is a second copy of it under another title? I know my comments are being moderated, so please feel free to delete some of them if they are redundant. I just no of no other way to contact the mods of this site. My point is that there is a missing episode and two copies of the same episode "The Doll". If you delete one of the copies, I would recommend deleting the poorer sound quality episode, which is on THIS page, and keep the clearer sound quality copy, which is listed on the 0159 page. if you check the recordings for yourself, you'll see what I am talking about. i hope this is helpful.


It seems whatever problems that above listeners have discussed regarding discrepancies in the synopsis of the story compared with the actual broadcast have been rectified. Broadcast matches the synopsis exactly as stated. I enjoyed this tale quite a bit and have no problem at all with the writing of Elspeth Eric and have appreciated many of her tales!


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