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The Golden Cauldron


Three friends, a haunted manor and a ghastly crime is the perfect recipe for a murder mystery in this "House on Haunted Hill' meets 'Clue' thriller set in the heart of an ancient castle overlooking the ruins of Stonehenge.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 30, 1975
  • Repeat - November 4, 1975





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16 Responses to Episode 0300

This is a good one. Great ending. I started about a week before Thanksgiving 2011, and have been listening ,starting at #1,ever since. Just like audio books only short stories. I'm retired so I have almost all the time in the world. Did I mention I am married? I can remember but a few, it's the format and the content keep me listening. Brings back old times. Thanks guys, great site!!!!

Randy Mc

"House on Haunted Hill" meets "Clue" in this haunted castle whodunit. Three guests spend the night in a castle overlooking Stonehenge. The castle is supposedly haunted by the spirits of the ancient druids. But the weapon used in the crime in this one is of our time.

Justin Steed

A cocky Sherlock Holmes type character is irritatingly accurate with tracking down what happened to whom, when, and where. The Golden Cauldron is only peripherally connected to the larger plot of the story. A couple of friends go to an old castle to visit and encounter other individuals who may or may not be involved with some strange occurrences at the castle. Hosted by Himan Brown

Melchiades C.

The show succeeded in creating a spooky atmosphere; I particularly liked the thunder. It is always fun to have a group of people which contains a murderer. But I think the content of this show was too thin for 3 Acts.


"The Golden Cauldron" took me by surprise. I hate to admit that I ever have low expectations for CBSRMT, but when an episode is not one I've ever noticed anyone discussing, one that was not written by any major contributor to the series, and one that was not adapted from a well-known classic, well... But this episode is completely charming and held me from beginning to end. In its "old dark house" setting as well as its lighthearted dialogue the story reminded me of films like THE CAT AND THE CANARY and THE OLD DARK HOUSE, as well as the Agatha Christie classic novel and film AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. Characters in these sorts of stories always seem strangely happy to have bullets whizzing past their heads, scary things popping up out of nowhere, etc. (I've often thought that the movie AND THEN THERE WERE NONE makes it look positively fun to be under constant threat of violent murder!) "The Golden Cauldron" really strives to throw in absolutely everything common to this genre, and it pretty much succeeds. Obviously we have the old dark house---in this case a castle---with the obligatory middle-of-the-night thunderstorm. But we also have ominous warnings (delivered by the required guy-with-a-weird-accent, Mr. Lockridge); murder, both recent and ancient; references to Stonehenge, Druids, and human sacrifice; and a fun little whodunit to wrap it all together. Overall, this was one of the most purely entertaining CBSRMTs I've heard. And by the way, kudos to the writer, Ralph Goodman, for integrating E.G. Marshall into the beginning of the story in a really creative manner. Goodman seems to have penned only a handful of RMTs, but on the basis of this one, I'll certainly listen to the others. According to my guidebook, they are: "Them!" (2/27/75) "Brain Drain" (3/24/76) "Free the Beast" (6/10/76) "The Gloria Scott" (Sherlock Holmes adaptation---11/14/77) Anyway, thanks for a great choice.

Angie Dona

i absolutely enjoyed this program. it was a great choice and kept my interest from start to finish. it's what i would call the epitome of Mystery Theater. i kept thinking how this was created to be almost a mock of Sherlock Holmes, complete with his own Watson, when funny enough, they make reference to "Sherlock" in the story.  great show and i'm really happy we all got to hear this one!


I enjoyed the creepiness of the castle, complete with a thunderstorm, spooky servants, and a sinister statue. But while listening to the program, I couldn't help but think of the Thin Man series. The casual and charming mystery-solving style Brad generates, and his flirting interaction with Julie, reminded me of the relationship Nick and Nora Charles share. Sherlock Holmes would have never behaved so badly Even with the comical dialogue, the story still manages to create a sense of drama and foreboding. I agree with ApplCinamn, I could almost see this one playing out in my head.

Jackie F.

I really liked this one. Loved the banter between the characters and enjoyed the clever main character.


A great episode, and featuring the housekeeper of Collinswood Clarissa Blackburn.

Justin Giovannoni

Definitely a takeoff on Sherlock Holmes and (a not as courageous) Watson. An enjoyable episode to listen to. I don't think the thunder needs to be playing continuously throughout, but at least it wasn't so loud you couldn't hear the actors (as happened in a very early show).


Spoiler alert: Although I enjoyed the characters and storyline, I had trouble with Robert Dryden’s characters. I still can’t be certain if he played two or three (perhaps more). For this reason I had to listen a second time and it got pretty tiresome to try to figure out which of Dryden’s characters dunnit. I tend to visualize the actor’s playing each part but got muddled when it came to these, I love each of these actors so I am really on the fence about this episode.


Brad Spencer, whose hobbies are crime stories and Druid mysteries, finds a chance to combine both when he and traveling companion Dennis Wentworth decide to stay overnight at a remote castle inn. Peter Brook, the castle guide, tells them of a sacred golden cauldron used in Druid ceremonies and supposedly buried nearby. Attempting to unravel the mystery of the cauldron, Brad learns of another mystery—the death of Sir Laurence and Lady Elaine, most recent owners of the castle. Brad is close to solving both mysteries but finds he has a surfeit of suspects.


One of my all time favorite RMT stories!!


A castle overlooking Stonehenge? There's no such thing. Stonehenge is in the middle fields and pastures with no structures in sight. Oh well, literary license.

Commodore's watch

Ugh. Russell Horton was too cartoony for an episode of Scooby Doo. Very annoying.

Otto Mullich

Well, it seems that I'm in the minority with my opinion of this episode. I found it tedious and boring, with a thin plot. I had to try 3 or 4 times to get all the way through it. (Sometimes I listen to the plays at night, and I kept falling asleep.) Didn't like the characters, either. To each his own!


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