Clarissa Blackburn (Actor)

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(02-26-1921 - 08-05-1995) Age 74

Ms Blackburn appeared in a number of TV Soaps including As the World Turns and Dark Shadows, and wrote for All My Children.


She appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/23/1974 0018 And Nothing but the Truth A young investigator guesses at the facts of a hit-and-run case and believes the convict to be a willing victim in lieu of his son. But he cannot prove it to his superior.
04/22/1974 0078 The Wishing Stone A young girl believes an angel gave her a wishing stone. But her wishes don't turn out quite the way she intended.
08/20/1974 0136 A Preview of Death A young woman and her husband own a resort that has a working cable car. Her brother, an upright engineer suspects that the cable might not be safe. He then dreams of a beautiful girl perishing in a cable car crash.
02/14/1975 0223 The Shadow of the Past A doctor and his wife escape the clutches of the Nazi death camps and illegitimately migrate to the US. Later, the doctor recognizes one of the camp guards among his patients and kills him to exact his revenge. But he must cover up the act as an intelligent investigator probes the case.
06/30/1975 0300 The Golden Cauldron Three friends, a haunted manor and a ghastly crime is the perfect recipe for a murder mystery in this \"House on Haunted Hill\' meets \'Clue\' thriller set in the heart of an ancient castle overlooking the ruins of Stonehenge.

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Clarissa Blackburn! Okay, as soon as I read that she had starred in "Dark Shadows," it finally hit me. She played Mrs. Johnson, the Collins family maid! Only, in that series, she went by the name "Clarice Blackburn." Curiouser and curiouser.

B. Summers

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