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A Preview of Death


A young woman and her husband own a resort that has a working cable car. Her brother, an upright engineer suspects that the cable might not be safe. He then dreams of a beautiful girl perishing in a cable car crash.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 20, 1974
  • Repeat - October 19, 1974





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11 Responses to Episode 0136

An engineer's misgivings about signing off on a potentially unsafe cable car turn to panic when he has a series of seemingly prophetic dreams about its collapse. Russell Horton makes the first of his many appearances on the show and quickly demonstrates why he became the go-to actor for playing earnest and principled young men. The role of Daphne isn't as well-cast (though Clarice Blackburn sounds younger than her 53(!) years in the part of a young librarian), and the script makes a few missteps. Nevertheless, a fun and somewhat offbeat entry in the series.

Matt Sandwich

A young engineer feels pressure to certify a tram in a mythical lodge in the Rocky Mountains. He dreams of a disaster on the tram involving a woman he may fall in love with.


A young engineer suspects that a cable car serving a resort owned by his sister and brother in law might not be save. His apprehension is increased when he dreams of the woman he loves (whom he has not yet met)dying in the car when it collapses.

Jhayvee C.

A tourist village high in the mountains relies on a cable car for all access in and out. When the county engineer refuses to sign the safety certificate because of concerns over the state of the mountain, he incurs the wrath of his sister and brother in law, who own one of the largest chalets in the village. In the end, he agrees to sign but is troubled by a dream in which he meets a charming woman with whom he falls in love and promptly dies as she gets on the cable car when the mountain collapses. How seriously should he take this dream?

F. Jorge

The librarian, Daphne Aldershot, would have to be desperately lonely to accept a date with a man all evidence points to being a stalker. (On the other hand, people with self-esteem that low do exist and are more common than one would think.) In real life, safety regulations are not construed as requiring 100% proof that no accident will occur. Planes fly every with minor protocol violations. If the chance of a mountain collapse are lower than that, say, of a freak earthquake or a plane crash, I imagine that it would be ruled safe enough to use. Thriller, premonitions.


This episode was just OK. I will admit that I loved the sound effects of a "skiing community." Great stuff from 1974. Just not the greatest script.


Not a great episode, but still an okay one to listen to. The librarian must've been very desperate if she found a crazy guy attractive, but I guess it takes all types.


Engineer Elwood Markham certifies as safe a cable car that is the mainstay of his sister and brother-in-law’s mountain resort business, knowing that a fault in the mountain could bring the car down any time. But a recurring nightmare troubles Elwood, who sees a girl named Daphne boarding the car and falling to her death as the cable breaks. When he finds that a very real Daphne has a reservation at the resort Elwood determines he must find her and prevent her death.


Russell Horton was so good as a voice actor, and I think this is his first episode of many. He elevated an okay episode. As always good Writing by Sam Dann.


Risk the love and companionship of your family or risk the literal girl of your dreams life? That is the conundrum that Elwood finds himself in as he starts his career as a county engineer. Good episode, interesting plot well acted, and food sound quality .

Kathy D

An interesting episode, loved the sound effects of a ski village in the alps, yodeling included. Different story than the usual but fun and a good ending. Enjoyed the commercials.


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