Ralph Goodman (Writer)

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(08-08-1945 - 03-10-1997) Age 52

Ralph Goodman wrote for a number of TV series, including the Flintstones, McHale's Navy, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

He appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/27/1975 0230 Them! A vigilante lawyer takes the matters into his own hands and locks up murder suspects in his mansion. But he goes too far when he imprisons an innocent man.
06/30/1975 0300 The Golden Cauldron Three friends, a haunted manor and a ghastly crime is the perfect recipe for a murder mystery in this \"House on Haunted Hill\' meets \'Clue\' thriller set in the heart of an ancient castle overlooking the ruins of Stonehenge.
03/24/1976 0454 Brain Drain Questions are raised when a series of deaths of respected scientists are linked to a beautiful and mysterious woman. A police detective uncovers a disturbing plot where a deranged scientist steals their brains to fuel his heinous experiments.
06/10/1976 0490 Free the Beast Furtive conversations take place between an unseen entity and a patient of a sanitarium for the insane. A freak accident triggers a chain of events that lead to the discovery of her horrifying family secret.
11/14/1977 0740 The Gloria Scott The evergreen Sherlock Holmes tale of unravelling a case around a mutiny aboard the ship Gloria Scott with the help of a coded message from one of its survivors.

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Mr. Goodman certainly was a great writer. When I heard " Them" on the radio, a Mystery theatre story, he picked up my interest in the way he wrote. Mr. Woodman used language befitting exactly the tone and mood for his story. A sensational writer,


Thank you sir!


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