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The Deathly White Man


A woman takes a job as caretaker to a rich woman and her husband in their remote castle. There, she and the son of the wealthy couple learn the family's darkest secret.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 27, 1976
  • Repeat - February 3, 1977





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4 Responses to Episode 0541

When I 1st began 2 listen 2 this play, I thought of Jane Eyre with the moaning, mournful sounds such as those of Rochester's put away wife which I can compare with Ted's mother. By evalu8ing the mother's condition, she's the type of handicapped person who can say a lot without saying a word. I like 2 be able 2 read the comments posted so I can get a feel 4 the story b4 reaching the ending, but, with this story, so far, I'm the 1st 1 so far that's posted a comment. Another movie that came 2 mind is a British movie, with an actress by name of Deborah Kerr, called The Innocents where she, DK, accepts a position as a governess @ large, Gothic, country mansion called Bly. These mansions, like Bluewiggin(I think that's the correct spelling), in these Gothic tales have a name as thought they were a city or village & always seem 2 have a dark secret needing 2 be exposed, 2 the listeners if no1 else. If I keep commenting I'll, pretty much, tell the story & I don't wanna be doing that(LOL). There r no supernatural elements in this tale but it's quite suspenseful sort of along the lines of a good John Saul story. In my opinion, this story's a very good listen. Well, I gotta be moving on so until next time.....pleasant dreams(LOL).


Replacing words with numbers is really stupid. Just sayin'.


I want to say how much I love your show . I stream it all day at work listening to the mysteries with much enthusiasm. My Father , who has passed on. First introduced me to these programs as he listened to them all day and night and I came to love and enjoy them with so much excitement with each and every episode. thank you sincerely for being on the air, and for the edge of my seat suspense, and the continued happy thoughts of the days my Father and me would sit listening to the cbsrmt with so much excitement and enthusiasm.


I just love a good heroine! Nice gothic mystery dramatized by excellent radio actors. Good recording quality. Makes for a nice night time listen. Pleasant dreams....


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