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The Deathly White Man


A woman takes a job as caretaker to a rich woman and her husband in their remote castle. There, she and the son of the wealthy couple learn the family's darkest secret.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 27, 1976
  • Repeat - February 3, 1977





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1 Responses to Episode 0541

When I 1st began 2 listen 2 this play, I thought of Jane Eyre with the moaning, mournful sounds such as those of Rochester's put away wife which I can compare with Ted's mother. By evalu8ing the mother's condition, she's the type of handicapped person who can say a lot without saying a word. I like 2 be able 2 read the comments posted so I can get a feel 4 the story b4 reaching the ending, but, with this story, so far, I'm the 1st 1 so far that's posted a comment. Another movie that came 2 mind is a British movie, with an actress by name of Deborah Kerr, called The Innocents where she, DK, accepts a position as a governess @ large, Gothic, country mansion called Bly. These mansions, like Bluewiggin(I think that's the correct spelling), in these Gothic tales have a name as thought they were a city or village & always seem 2 have a dark secret needing 2 be exposed, 2 the listeners if no1 else. If I keep commenting I'll, pretty much, tell the story & I don't wanna be doing that(LOL). There r no supernatural elements in this tale but it's quite suspenseful sort of along the lines of a good John Saul story. In my opinion, this story's a very good listen. Well, I gotta be moving on so until next time.....pleasant dreams(LOL).


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