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Garden of the Moon


After purchasing make-up at a new health store, a young executive develops a sudden taste for moon bathing. She is soon invited to a free convention for all the others that have fallen prey to their scam.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 4, 1981
  • Repeat - August 11, 1981





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28 Responses to Episode 1193

An excellent story, well worth of The Twilight Zone!

John Lawton

One of my very favorite episodes. Very well done. Love the story, and the actors are wonderful. Would love to see this one as a movie.


I think this episode would be perfect if made for an antholgy tv series like Night Gallery or Twilight Zone.

John Lawton

A cosmetic executive is determined to aquire the formula for a miraculous rejuvenating cream sold by a strange little shop that specializes in natural products that have been saturated with moonlight. Moonlight? You heard that right. Despite her husband's warnings to be wary of this strange shop and the odd effects its products are having upon her, the woman pursues her goal to discover the secret of the moonlight products...and pays a heavy price for the knowledge. A strange little episode with a great performance by Kim Hunter. Genre: Sci-fi


Evie juster is great in all of her supporting roles. She has a very distinctive and young voice.

John Lawton

A cosmetics firm executive purchases some make-up from a new company. She soon develops a strong desire for moon bathing.

Jessica Hartford

Def one of the best from CBSRMT. The ending is really very good! Love the whole story, it rolls along at just the right pace, not too boring and not too fast.

Doug Proulx

In this episode, the main characters at the end ride off in a spaceship, and it is understood that the passengers will be the "food" for an alien race? This episode, and "The Tell-Tale Heart," scared me when I was a kid! Similiar "To Serve Man" which was an episode of Twilight Zone ( The first Simpsons treehouse of horror). It's one of my favorites.


Excellent episode, kind of a Science Fiction Rosemary's Baby. Some of the best Mystery Theater Episodes are about regular people getting into strange circumstances, another type like that is Sagamore Cottage


This is hands down my favorite episode. I found it accidentally when I was searching for the first CBSRMT episode I ever listened to, in September 1974, "The Garden".

Steve Bergman

"Garden of the Moon" is a charming tale with the kind of twist that I love in a Mystery Theater episode, with a Sci-Fi flair that wasn't too common in the series but when done, was done well. The narrative moves at a leisurely pace that is perfect for getting to know these few but well-developed and quite likable characters. Bob Juhren is a writer with whom I am not very familiar, but after listening to this tale, I'll be checking out more of his work. I'm not certain, but was the minor character of lab scientist Erik Harrison played by Himan Brown? I really enjoyed this story! I hope you do too. - Juror #4


Moonbathing... Have to try that! Great story and I always enjoy Himan Browns's voice.

Gina schackel

Gina, Make sure to wear your SPF -15 moonscreen. It will help to "tenderize" you. "To Serve Man! It's a cookbook!!!" -Steve

Steve Bergman

It's a Cookbook! LOL! :)


Loved this one, it was delicious...


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Bob Juhren wrote a Fantasy Mystery that was "Out of this World" with a good set of characters, captivating plot points that involve the Moonlight, and a surprising ending. And that’s when you realize it’s similar to the 89th episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE called “To Serve Man.” In the TV episode, they used a cook book. In this CBSRMT episode, the “Lunarians” sell their vegetables to humans so they can “nourish” them. Their Luna Light Lotion is like a turkey baster; so it can give humans that “coated glow.” And as for the moon bathing scenes, that’s their way of “baking” them. Clever story idea, but easy to compare to the TV episode. The Title of this episode is good; another way to title it would be “Harvest Moon.” The sound effects of slamming the phone, glassware, store bell ringing, rotary phone, high winds blowing at the balcony, traffic noise, grocery bag, birds chirping, tableware, paper sheet of the results, crowds murmuring, bus engine running, high speed elevator, doors, and the whirling sound of the space craft were effective. And the music was highly effective, bringing in the suspense, curiosity, and the mystifying melodies that were phenomenal. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall’s focused on the moonlight and recommends us to hear the song “Clair de Lune” by pianist Claude Debussy. In ACT-1, he introduces us to our main character in the Cosmetic Industry. Later on, after knowing what the character bought, he asks does the moonlight have special powers. More importantly, in ACT-2, he explains that the moonlight can be soft & romantic or it could be cold & eerie. In ACT-3, as the story progresses, our Host informs us that our main character is getting her chance to go find the source. In the end, he tells us all that the Lunarians now have their “gourmet flare.” In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall would wonder about the Lunarians & the unknown planet of Lunarius; concluding his narrations. And of course there’s our cast: Kim Hunter (as Yolanda Westerville), Paul Hecht (as Bill Westerville & Eric Harrison), Evie Juster (as Roxy & the Voice from Lunarius), and Ralph Bell (as Dr. Lunestra). Bravo to Ralph Bell for playing the villain. Kudos to Evie Juster; this is one of those episodes where she gets to speak regularly, like she was being herself. Paul Hecht is one of my favorite actors on CBSRMT. And as for our leading lady, Kim Hunter, astonishing acting; especially in ACT-2 where she’s infatuated by the moonlight and speaks poetically during the moon bathing. If you’re a fan of Kim Hunter, check this episode out. Better yet, play this episode whenever there’s a Full Moon. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I loved this episode and yes as Russel already has pointed out it is very easy to compare to the twilight zone episode of "To Serve Man". (one of my favorites) I think Ralph bell is just excellent in this episode and as I recall all episodes he has been in are good as well. The ending is disturbing while being ironically humorous to us weird folks I suppose. I recall another epsdeo of , I think, The twilight zone where the person in in a space craft and is being encouraged to eat eat eat!!! on his way to his slaughter when they reach the home planet of his captures... Anyone recall that episode as well?


This is one of my favorite episodes too. I like to listen to it at least a couple of times a year.


Great episode. Not crazy about the ending, but I love the rest of it.


One of my favorites.


I enjoyed this one a lot! Yes, the ending was a bit disturbing.


Oh, I love this one. Kin Hunter got what she deserved. Poor Roxie.


Poor Roxy?! Who told poor Yolanda about the new health food store that opened up on Lexington Avenue at 45th Street last week? Add to that Roxy's iconic line, "It's only a simple sedative." Next thing you know, executive and assistant are both lunching on tomatoes stuffed with, among other thing, "a rose petal or two." Yolanda should have never started down the road of "cottage cheese and tomatoes" and instead stuck with "those martini and steak lunches." LOL, love this episode!


This is episode is a bit of a masterclass in pacing. It's also a wonderful combination of the Twilight Zone episodes 'Black Leather Jackets' and 'To Serve Man', as well as the film Halloween 3: Season of the Witch.

Jordan N

Kim Hunter was my classmate and childhood chum on the arborway!! It recall thoughts of my driver Mr Cook taking me to the apothecary to procure make up and the like!! Oh but imagine moonbathing! On Jamaica pond! KH sure got her come-uppance!!! If ever an episode with a full moon to make you howl at it this one is it!


Yolanda Westerville finds her frayed nerves pleasantly restored by a skin cream available only at a new health store, Garden of the Moon. The proprietor, Dr. Lunestra, claims his products derive their power from moonlight. Westerville’s chemists say this is impossible, but she still can’t resist taking up Lunestra’s offer to visit the New Hampshire farm where the products are made.


I am of the opinion that it is really all Roxies fault. She gave Yolanda tranquilizers early on, then suggested the health food store visit. Not cool.


"Take it! It's only a simple sedative."


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