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The Return of Anatole Chevenic


A young man named Hans tries to convince his uncle Anatole to give him a portion of his inheritance earlier. His uncle denies his request and mentions that he has hidden the fortune away as a precaution against attempts on his life. Hans leaves in a fume and starts fantasizing about his uncle's death.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 2, 1974
  • Repeat - October 26, 1974





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11 Responses to Episode 0142

An eerie episode.


A young, poor man is consistently brow-beat nagged by his rich uncle who continually taunts him with his money. In a fit of rage, he kills his uncle. His tangled web of lies spun to cover up the crime comes unspun slowly and painfully.

Angie Vermont

A penniless young man and his wife struggle to make a living. He works part time for his miserly, penny-pinching uncle for extra money. The old man hangs his inheritance in front of him like a carrot in front of a donkey. He also says that he may give it all to his other nephew, who has a dubious reputation and no contact with the family. The young man grows desperate and irate at his brow-beating uncle and the treatment he receives from him and thinks about murder, but has never been able to act on it. But everyone has a breaking point, don’t they?


This was a fantastic episode which had very good ending. It reminded me of a morbid game I used to play as a teen--you know, the "if you could marry anybody who would it be, if you had to spend eternity in a city, what would it be, if you could kill somebody, who would it be???" In this episode, it proves that no matter what, your sins find you out. And even if you plan the perfect murder, it will sooner or later come out in the wash. 5 stars.


Agreed Davy, this episode is great. RMT is at the top of its game with this story and voice acting. While I do like the horror episodes rarely do they creep me out. However, the scene in this episode where Hans and his wife are awakened by a noise in the house and have their search of the home interrupted by a disturbing phone call gave me the creeps. Excellent radio drama.


Another episode in which the ending was blatantly foreshadowed...and I still missed it. Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


Hans had a stupid cousin - drive your cousin insane in an effort to find the uncle's money. Didn't he think that he might snap and attack him? Anyway, it was a good episode and I liked that the sound effects weren't overwhelming like they have been in previous episodes.


Truly terrifying. Top ten favorite!


A very sad story, where a man driven to the edge by a mean, stingy uncle and a nephew who is deceitful resorts to murder. He has suffered at the hands of his uncle and he and his wife struggle. However, greed is a dangerous path to travel. Even with the commercials this was a very dark story.


Very stressful story. We know who done it, but don't know how it works out and if he gets caught. The glint of gold and how it corrupts. Sigh...

Kathy D

OMG this episode was fantastic. Alexander Scourby‘s anguished acting is at another level of awesomeness. When he thought his horrible uncle was coming to get him at the end, I felt so bad for him even if Hans was guilty of a crime. Just amazing!


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