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The Man with the X-Ray Eyes


A county sheriff is taken aback when the prosecutor assigned to the case brings in a psychic to help with their investigation.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 12, 1982
  • Repeat - November 17, 1982





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8 Responses to Episode 1360

Fred,Lloyd,and Court,very good,one of the best of crews. Wow look at those commas. And you add one of the best written episodes,thank you Bryce,and it's 6 stars.After 1360 episodes I put this one in the 10.

Randy Mc

Note: I like every episode Fred Gwynn did on the mystery theatre. He was definently my favorite CBSRMT actor. Also, I can't watch the movie My Cousin Vinny enough times. Fred Gwynn plays a country sheriff trying to solve a murder before tourist season starts (his job is also on the line). A prosecuter running for political office muscles into the case and brings in a Psychic. Of course, the Psychic fingers the wrong man.


A small town needs some excitement to increase tourism, and a murder would be just the thing. When a double murder occurs, a psychic is brought in to help solve the case. 

David Jr.

This is another episode where Fred Gwynn stole the show. Solid episode all the way around. 4 stars.


Acting wise I thought it was a good episode, but I really like ones where you have a chance at figuring it out rather than having some explanation come out of left field.


Kim has it right. The Man with X-ray Eyes meanders through a mostly vapid story and then explains what really happened at the very end. Problem is... there were no hints to the listener to what was happening throughout the psychic's attempt to solve a murder - just a plot that randomly jumped all over and a frustratingly contrived epilogue. Fred Gwynn IS superb in this radio play! I get the feeling he recognized the weakness of the story and understood it was on him to hit a home run - which he did. X-Ray Eyes is worth a listen, but focus on Gwynn's performance and not the story. X-Ray gets 2 out of 5 stars - JUROR #4.


PS - Bryce Walton only wrote a handful of Mystery Theater episodes. For a much better yarn than X-Ray Eyes, check out 'The Woman Who Wanted to Live' in which the female hostage of a escaped convicted murdered starts to sympathize with her captor as the police close in. Great ending. - JUROR #4


Another great episode with Fred Gwynn! I look forward to meeting him in the Great Beyond some day!

Jim K.

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