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The Alien Guest


A greedy aristocrat is plagued by the spirit of the deceased cousin whom he murdered in order to take hold of his life and seize his wealth.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 29, 1979
  • Repeat - February 19, 1980





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2 Responses to Episode 1025

I'm suprised no reviews on this episode. I thought this was a great story. Different then the others. The description doesnt cover the story much. It's about an love scorn aristocrat and his good freind who lives in Paris and reminds me of Peter Lorrie. The aristocrat is invited to Paris after Peter Lorrie, I mean, his freind with the raspy voice, wants to help him get over his recent troubles plagueing his mind. The aristocrat ends up finding a new love and goes back expecting to be happy ever after. But this is when the ghost part comes in and troubled waters begin.

Jason Grimm

I just now listened to this episode and noticed your comment. I spent the Summer of 1978 as a Logger and it’s rather interesting you saying that no one else has made a comment on this episode. I didn’t keep listening to the original broadcasts after August of 1978 when I left the Forest and had no time to hear the Radio. Hope you noticed this episode played in 1979 and now I have heard it in ~40 years later

Marlon Seppala

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