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Who Has Seen the Wind?


In a freak accident, a claustrophobic woman is trapped in her home. Help comes in the form of a friend and her husband whose attempts to free her from the apartment are futile.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 31, 1979
  • Repeat - February 21, 1980





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16 Responses to Episode 1026

Interesting twist ending. Tale about mental illness and jealousy. No supernatural elements.


I love this episode into the realm of mortal terror kitty could of possibly opened the door but could she. Was she it jealousy or just did she commit murder it's up to you to decide.

Romulus LoCollo

This one features that Jane Curtin-soundalike Teri Keane as a famous comedienne, married to an actor's manager (a bit nicer one than the guy in "the follower" though maybe not by much). One of the actresses he manages has just called them on a snowy Manhattan night begging for help. She's locked in her apartment bedroom on the 16th floor of a high-rise and can't get out. She needs to leave to catch a plane to an awards ceremony. And she's VERY claustrophobic. Now, she's winning an award for a production that the manager cast HER in rather than his wife. And Keane's character has put up with constant rumors (which her husband has faithfully denied) that the two once had an affair. This episode has all the markings of a psychological powder keg, and it didn't fail to deliver much. But it all starts when Keane's character volunteers, unsuccessfully, to go and try to free the claustrophobic actress from her apartment. The copy I had's not the best of quality, but it's worth a listen, especially if you've just finished listening to Ms. Keane's performance in "The beheading".


A fairly good episode with good performances from the women performers (were the all voiced by Teri Keane?). The sound is not great though.

Phillip M.

Who Has Seen The Wind is a tale in two parts. The first half of Nancy Moore’s dramatic tragedy is difficult to get through, mostly due to the acting of ‘Mona,’ a claustrophobic accidentally locked into her hi-rise apartment. A major flaw in Wind is that the actress portraying Mona makes her very whiny and unlikeable. Because the listener is not endeared to Mona, we cannot sympathize with this unbalanced and disagreeable woman’s plight. Rather we just wish she would shut up and stop caterwauling. In enduring this unpleasantness however (and also by paying attention to subtle details of this scene) the listener is rewarded with a second half of the episode in which Teri Keane shines as Kitty, jealous wife of Gary (Michael Tolan) who also puts in a heavy-duty performance as Kitty’s husband who slowly comes to grips with the subtle but significantly devious behavior of his wife. Himan Brown stars as Lieutenant Hench. Though uncredited, his radio-perfect voice, deep and rough, is unmistakable. Wind gets 3 out of 5 stars. JUROR #4


Excellent episode.


I enjoyed this episode. I like episodes where there is two possible endings and you are left to decide. I gave this episode 5 stars.

Don Heiland,Jr.

I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. I’d like to start off by giving a round of applause to this outstanding cast: Michael Tolan (as Gary Stewart: the Agent), Teri Keane (as Kitty Lockwood Stewart: the Actress), and Carol Teitel (as Mona Clayton: the Actress with claustrophobia). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays the role of Lieutenant Hench. Carol Teitel was so marvelous in this; she was equivalent to Larry Haines’ character in Ep. #0167-THE BLACK ROOM; filled with so much of fear, anxiety, and distress. Almost made my blood run cold! As for Teri Keane; bravo for playing a villain that CBSRMT fans would love to hate. Another way to title this story would be “A Bitter Subconscious.” Nancy Moore wrote this Drama-Mystery and it was really building up in every Act. After listening to the shocking truth in the third Act, I think a better ending would be if Kitty Lockwood Stewart committed suicide the same way that Mona Clayton did. And as for Bobo, Mona’s dog, it would’ve been better if it snarled at Kitty instead of whimpering; to give the CBSRMT listeners a clue that she is the villain. But anyway, there were suspenseful tunes in ACT-1 and in ACT-2, but not much in ACT-3. That goes the same with the sound effects. You get to hear the sounds of the telephone, the dog whimpering, the door being pushed/pulled/kicked/pounded, the hollowing wind in New York, and the door breaking down, but hardly any sounds in the final Act. There weren’t even sound effects of the window breaking or hearing Mona’s body hit the ground from jumping 16 stories to her death. Oh, well. And of course there’s our Host. In his Prologue, E.G. Marshall brings up the topic of phobias, one in particular: claustrophobia. In ACT-1, he brings us into the story where we meet our main characters. At the end, he mentions that Mona’s fear is tormenting her; a fear that worsens through the passage of time. In ACT-2, he mentions the original definition of “obsession” based off of Noah Webster. Then, he asks if Mona was possessed by fear or an evil spirit. In ACT-3, he quoted words from the DON JUAN story by Lord George Gordon Byron who wrote, “And if I laugh at any mortal thing, ‘tis that I may not weep, but she cannot hide her tears with laughter anymore.” I believe the reason why Nancy Moore wrote this part in this episode is to allow people to learn to laugh more and cry less, but for this deadly situation, laughter isn’t the best time (unless you have a dark sense of humor). And at the end of the final Act, E.G. Marshall announced that Kitty Lockwood Stewart was possessed all along; possessed to be a green-eyed monster. E.G. Marshall’s task as Host was going great, except there was no Epilogue; it was cut off! The fans of CBSRMT will never know what his concluded words might have been. Other than that, it’s still a decent mystery story to tune into. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


Dang dude. Get a job. Way to much info. Just good one!!


That Mona character is so annoying! (Maybe it's the way the particular actress portrays her, but I find her very unlikable.) I don't think she meant to kill Mona on a conscious level, but I can see why she wanted to deep down, LOL! I'm not condoning murder, but I can't stand Mona! She's whiny, stupid, clingy, burdensome and annoying as heck! Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, lol! :D Also, why couldn't the husband have been honest about whether he had an affair with her in the past? I don't blame the wife for being jealous.


I meant to say that I don't think the WIFE meant to kill Mona on a conscious level, etc.


A very good episode. Not a nice feeling 2 be locked in a place where u can't exit from, be it intention or not. I think this episode shows human nature more than anything. 1 thing that I've noticed is with Russell's comment where he mentions the lack of the sounds of Mona breaking the window glass & the sudden "stop" @ the end of Mona's fall bcoz there was a reason 4 that with the cbsrmt play was sub-setting was in Gary & Kitty's apt, so, naturally, Mona's breaking of the glass, screaming in horror while falling, & the sudden contact of Mona with the earth's surface wasn't gonna be heard. As 4 the confrontation from Gary 2 Kitty about the inconsistancies that the police Lt overlooked. I believe that started with Mona telling Kitty that an affair took place between Mona & Gary which cre8ed a snowball effect or maybe Gary fabric8ed those inconsistancies bcoz there was an affair which Gary started. 1 of those things that can certainly make u go HMMMM & something the listener is left 2 decide. It was nice 2 stop by & hear a rmt play & I will again. Until next time.....pleasant..dreams.


Why didn't Kitty mention to Gary that Mona completely berated her and reinforced the old affair thing from the other side of the door? Also, from the outset it didn't make sense for Gary not to go in the first place other than maybe he didn't want Kitty to have yet another reason to be suspicious. Happy Birthday E. G. Marshall!!!! What a great coincidence that I came here today! Too bad there isn't a timestamp on posts here. It would be nice to know if these comments are from a year ago or twenty years ago!


A lot of Nancy's stories are so similar to Elspeth Eric, and this episode in particular has such an Elspeth Eric feel to it. Anyone else notice the similarity of their writing style?


If you hadn't told me someone else wrote this, I would have assumed it was Elspeth Eric. (Although, I found this easier to listen to than some of Elspeth's stories) ... I started listening to these stories on Cbsrmt probably 10 years ago, and I am now going through them for the second time...

jim shane

What a chilling tale! I won’t stop thinking about this one for quite some time!!


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