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All Unregistered Aliens


All illegal immigrants might not be what they seem like! A female doctor discovers this to her cost as she treats a wounded one, but his body vanishes after his death. And it is not a cheap trick to fool the immigration department as she suspects...



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 9, 1978
  • Repeat - July 6, 1978





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2 Responses to Episode 0779

Hmmm....I would have condensed the first two acts into 5 minutes and added a couple flashback scenes. Maybe a prison break scene and a laser shootout. The doctor could have used a love interest. I guess what I'm saying is that this one was a bit boring.

Phillip M.

This episode could have been more interestingly created if more details were given at the END of act 3. I completely agree with Philip M. The first two acts could have been shorn-up in 5 minutes leaving the rest of the episode to strengthen the plot. What you were left with is a big set up to one of the worst endings in Mystery Theater history. Anna was provocative and had some scrupals--Victoria Dann (the episode's writer) should have played up on that more effectively. In the end, "The Unregistered Aliens" was just a so-so listen worthy of just 3 stars.


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