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The Colony


Michael and Mary just want to spend some quiet time away with nature. After spotting a UFO, they stop in the sleepy town of Colony, New Hampshire to report it but find themselves in deep trouble with the law.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 9, 1976
  • Repeat - February 20, 1977





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10 Responses to Episode 0549

A couple on a cross-country vacation are shocked when they witness a UFO outside the small town of Colony. When they report the incident to the local authorities, they discover that the town's inhabitants are harboring a terrible secret. Yet another of the CBSRMT "strange small town" stories, and this one is quite good in the way it maintains the mystery. Genre: Sci-Fi

Jannette Mikels

Very good mystery. This is the second RMT show I've heard in a day in which a main character fails to heed the sage advice to run. In this case, it works out, though.


This episode was very good. It has the creative visual effects that I enjoy in my mind. The mystery centered around the role the out of space entities play in this town sparks curiosity. Definitely a good end to a very strange town.


This is one of my favorite all time episodes. When I was a little kid, this was one of the first episodes I recorded on a cassette recorder placed in front of the radio. I loved listening to it over and over again until the tape snapped and I threw it away. I regreted throwing it away because I later learned how to fix cassettes. Almost 30 years passed before I found this website and all the episodes I could ever want at the touch of a finger. Hearing it again, and being able to record it again was almost a dream come true! Listening to this episode just makes you want a cup of clam chowder!!!!

Eric C.Price

Eric Price - As a kid in the 80s I used to tape record CBS RMT too using a recorder placed by my GE flip clock radio. On some of the tapes you can hear my brother and I laughing during the commercials. Good times. I'm looking forward to listening to 'The Colony'

Juror 4

I enjoyed "The Colony" very much. The story's basis on UFOs and aliens is reminiscent of themes of an older radio show series that I also enjoy called "X minus One". The protagonists pair two giants of acting in Tony Roberts and Morgan Fairchild as a husband-wife duo who dutifully report a strange incident in the sky to local authorities as they drive through a small town. As they lament later with the sympathetic and well-acted elderly villager played by Frances Sternhagen, the two should have minded their own business and left well enough alone (as a husband traveling by car with my wife Morgan Fairchild, as opposed to Tony Roberts, there is not much that would have distracted me from getting on with the 'business' of my vacation). Writer Fielden Farington builds a considerable amount of suspense as the helpless couple progress towards their seeming demise, prisoners up against crooked authorities in a strange town. The last act is a good one and had me cheering aloud until the very conclusion. E.G. Marshall tries to instill some enduring dread in the epilogue, and though a fun story, it IS far-fetched (even for a CBSRMT episode). As a youngster, this episode would have left quite an impression on me and I probably would have had some problems falling asleep! I give The Colony 4 out of 5 stars. - Juror #4


This is one of my favorite Sci-fi episodes on the CBSRMT. I have had a crush on Morgan Fairchild just about all my life. I was 15 years old when I first laid my hears on her!

Lou Storo

I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. Fielden Farrington's story was so good, it was like a cross between THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE X-FILES. A terrific fantasy-mystery that defines the CBSRMT series. The sound effects of the car engine, the UFO soaring, howling wind, crickets, footsteps, doorbells, tableware clinking, serving trays, jail bars, citizens murmuring, the gavel, and the body thud were very supportive in this Sci-Fi tale. That and the music with its tunes of suspense and drama filled in every scene. In our Host's Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts the show off by saying, "In charge of the bizarre. Keeper of the grotesque. Collector of the fantastic." Now THAT is a great intro! In ACT-1, he brings us into the story where it begins on a highway in New Hampshire and later discover improbable & dangerous happenings. In ACT-2, he explains the speculations on UFOs. Then in ACT-3, he points out who is really controlling the town of Colony other than humans. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall gives us the climax & resolution. Splendid narrations our Host gave us. And a splendid cast we had: Tony Roberts (as Michael Duncan), Morgan Fairchild (as Mary Duncan), Francis Sternhagen (as Mae Norton), Jackson Beck (as Sheriff Thad Marcus), and Guy Sorel (as Mayor Arnie Stebbins). Both Tony Roberts & Morgan Fairchild nicely played a married couple. Both Jackson Beck & Guy Sorel did very well as the semi-villians. And Francis Sternhagen did a magnificent job, especially her monologue in ACT-2 about the history of the Colony. This is another episode that deserves recognition. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


While on an automobile vacation, Michael and Mary Duncan sight a UFO on the highway, on the edge of a town called Colony. Unsure that anyone will believe them, the Duncans stop and report it to Colony’s sheriff, who surprisingly takes them seriously — too seriously. However, when the sheriff puts them in jail, the Duncans realize that they had better find a way to escape this town, where all the people seem to be possessed — before it’s too late.


I really enjoyed this episode. It's worth a listen.

Gemini lady Jackson

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