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Frankenstein Revisited


The 400th anniversary coverage of Baron Von Frankenstein might just be a bad idea for a news item. Especially since the good doctor and his creation are eager to attend.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 19, 1974
  • Repeat - December 6, 1974
  • Repeat - January 7, 1978
  • Repeat - July 14, 1979





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19 Responses to Episode 0059

The description is not quite correct. In this episode, it is revealed that Mary Shelley based "Frankenstein" on an older German legend, and it is this older legend that is commemorated in the story. (In fact, this older legend was invented for this episode.) The 400-year-old legends states that the evil Baron Von Frankenstein was killed on his castle grounds 400 years ago by a mysterious creature who reappears every century to claim a new victim, but Frankenstein did not create this monster or anything else. The idea of strange occurrences on a set of a monster movie, leading to the questioning of whether the monster is real, is an old plot device. (I first saw it in a 1940's Batman comic.) It is intriguing, if predictable. Monster thriller; questioned supernatural elements.


A film crew goes to Germany to record some film regarding the 400-year anniversary of the death of the "original" Baron Von Frankenstein, who was supposedly killed by his creature in the forest, and every 100 years they return to relive the scene. No great shakes, really, despite E.G. Marshall's assurance that we'll lose sleep after listening to the horrific story.


Invents a historical Baron Von Frankenstein and his legendary "terrible death" and return every century. A mistake in the reading or a misprint in the script led to one of the characters saying he'd been posted near the castle after WWI - when it is clear that it was meant to be WWII. The best thing about this episode is the "you are there" quality of the documentary recording sequences. Otherwise it's kinda muddled and uninteresting. I am reminded of the 1958 film "Frankenstein 1970" in which Boris Karloff played the doctor, renting out his castle to a TV crew for the filming of a documentary on the Frankenstein legend...

Willmon Paciolco

A news team plans to cover the 400th anniversary of the death of Baron Von Frankenstein. When they get there, they find that Dr. Frankenstein and his creation might still be around -- and looking for fresh blood. One of the best remembered and most loved of all episodes. Highly recommended.

Carrie Ed

Geh… I listened to this twice and could never quite get into it. As far as I can tell, a production crew goes to the old home of Dr. Frankenstein where they plan on filming a documentary on the reported annual return of the ghost of Frankenstein to claim more lives. Didn't grab me at all, and the ending was quite unsatisfactory.

Jodie M.

When I was in Germany, I saw a castle purported to be the one that inspired Mary Shelley. When I saw the castle, I remembered this episode. I guess it was pretty good for me to remember it years before.

CL Gammon

Kinda liked the open-ended finish. But, it was kind of predictable. It did explain how Helmut popped up everywhere though. As usual, I really liked the commercials and news broadcasts.

M. Navarro

This is one I remember from childhood and the ending stuck with me all these years-- Really Creepy--especially when you're only 11 years old! The ending is very well done. I love the background music they use during that sequence. Add that to the chiming of midnight and William Redfield's chilling description and you have one of the best climax in the series. The sequence in the woods to close out the first act is quite effective, too. It also makes a great preview to "Our next Tale" at the end of my copy of "Sea of Troubles" (the episode broadcast the night before this one-- during the first season). One minor continuity error I noticed was the charcter portrayed by Ralph Bell mentions he was stationed near the Baron's castle during World War One, but then he mentions the "Werewolves" (A Neo-Nazi group that gave the allies trouble at the end of WW II) and that it was thirty years ago (which subtracted from 1974 ((When it was first broadcast)) would be the 1940's. Later, I think he even mentions he was there in 1945. Just a little something I noticed. Great Choice, especially for this time of year!!!! Until Next Time................

Paul Laca

"Frankenstein Revisited" remains fresh and interesting even after being heard multiple times. The open ended conclusion is nicely done; I am always trying to figure out if Helmut is a reincarnation, a monster, or just a weirdo. Baron Frankenstein was killed by a monster, right? If so, was Helmut the monster, or the Baron, or just a nut? Suspenseful and spooky, this show holds up well. And there is a funny line when the main character, after being surprised by Helmut popping up, says something along the lines of "Quit popping up out of nowhere" or words to that effect. The way the actor reads the line is amusing. The all time funniest line is from "Dracula". After being told that Dr. Van Helsing is coming, Mina replies "All the way from Amsterdam? Amsterdam, Holland?"


After reading some of the comments from above, I might be the only listener who liked this episode. However, the female lead--Eve Juster--sounded like a breathless drunk through most of the episode. It was a nice take/spin with Frankenstein as a sub-plot. 4 stars.


I agree with Davy that it was a nice take/spin on the Frankenstein as a sub-plot. It wasn't really clear why the alleged specter would kill one person every 100 years, but just scare or lightly injure others. Still a good listen in the car.


Frank like show. fire not as hot in this 'rebranding' of the study of Franks Jewish heritage. putting the 'stein' back in Frankenstein. Me go back 400 years. before blazer. before wife of me. Me love the old Budweiser beer commercial. Me think back to brain and wonder, what if.

Frank N. Stein

Frankenstein Revisited is my favorite.


When I was a kid, CBS RMT was my nighttime companion and this episode was my favorite! Thank you for keeping it “alive”


Another awesome episode.


I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. Milt Wisoff’s story was a good concept, but it felt more of Drama-Mystery and less of a Horror-Fantasy. Plus, the story ended too quickly with a Resolution that got cut short. Catchy title, but another way to title this episode would be “The Castle Of Bad Dreams” or “It’s Alive Again.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall’s topic is about the vitality of Evil. In ACT-1, story begins at a Madison Avenue bar. In ACT-2, quoting the poet Robert Penn Warren about nightmares. In ACT-3, wait for another 100 years for another hellish nightmare. In his Epilogue, the vitality of Evil again. E.G. Marshall’s narrations were OK, but it would’ve been more intriguing if he talked about Frankenstein or even Mary Shelley who wrote the Frankenstein story. The sound effects of the piano music at the bar, the airport, tableware clinking, howling wind, footsteps, festivity noises, film slate, doors, phone ringing, and the bell tolls were supportive in this. The music was good, but most of it was dramatic tunes. As I said before, it felt more a Drama-Mystery. Since this episode came from the 1st Season of CBSRMT, they should’ve used the frightening tunes from #0002-THE RETURN OF THE MORESBYS or #0034-THE DEADLY HOUR. Now onto our cast: Michael Wager (as Klaus Folger), Leon Janney (as Frank Larkin), Ralph Bell (as Tom Fairley), Evie Juster (as Eileen Garrett), and William Redfield (as Flip Johnson and Paul Helmut). The last 4 did well, but kudos to Michael Wager for his acting with a German accent. His best line was at the 41:43 when he said “Legends have no climax. They go on and on.” Tune in to this if you like. SPECIAL BONUS: This episode aired commercials for the American Lung Association and Mel Blanc’s promotion for the American Library Association. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


I agree with the comment above someone wrote about feeling disconnected from this episode. I tried it twice and second time was no better. It should be good. I love these type of moody old castle stories, but this one just doesn’t draw you in. Good cast is a bit wasted.


This episode was okay, but like some others seemed to lack something to really grab your attention, perhaps it was leaving some nitty gritty points to get you on the edge of moved a little too quickly? Realizing it is a short radio broadcast, there were other shows that really grabbed your attention from the start. It has a good cast and sound effects. The commercials were interesting to hear.


This episode may have been inspired by the Halloween 1952 radio broadcast from Castle Frankenstein when John Keel rigged up a statue to move and scare a reporter he sent there named Carl Nelson. There really was a Baron Frankenstein from around 1252 to 1662 until the family sold the title.

G. R. Welsh

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