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Troubled Waters


After his wife appeals to his old boss to give him another chance, an unemployed civil engineer gets a chance to redeem himself. However, he must take the boss's son along for the project as part of the deal. When the young man makes a play for the engineer's wife, trouble sets in.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 16, 1981
  • Repeat - March 31, 1981





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5 Responses to Episode 1160

I know this is a CBS Radio Mystery Theater group and I am as big a fan as anyone when it comes to Hi Browns "Legendary" show that ran for 8 years when Radio theater was suppose to be dead and TV was actually king; there was some great television shows during that time that did not even last 8 years but there is a great Audio Drama box set Tales From the Crypt. I am not sure if any of you have listened to it but it is great with a capital G. There is one episode "Tight Grip" that is one of the best radio theaters I have ever heard; if there had been a Himan Brown Award (and there should be), Tight Grip would surely have won it. Just wanted to share. There are if I am correct 6 episodes with one called Zombie which is an hour long the others are all half an hour; high quality with well known actors such as John Ritter and Luke Perry. Don't be put off if you don't like Luke Perry or if you don't like Tales from the Crypt this is on a different level.


Bob Kaliban portrays two people brilliantly in this episode.


The young guy sounded like Russ Horton to me. Not all the actors are always listed in this site's credits.

Jim K.

Really? What a cheapskate that old Hi Brown was.

Bill King

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. The upside in Sam Dann’s mystery story, is that it had great conflicts and likable characters that brought a lot of tension. The downside, is that the Climax ended too quickly. Plus, there was no Resolution on what the characters will do now that task is over. There should’ve been a 4th Act and see if the relationships would build up and create more conflict. The title is fitting. Another way to title this would be “River Spirit’s Curse” or “The Redeemer Within.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall’s topic was about sophisticated people and dealing with demons and evil spirits. In ACT-1, he mentions Madame Germaine de Staël who wrote a letter to Madame Juliette Récamier about brains & beauty. At the end of the Act, the dramatic pause came, which E.G. Marshall states that it’s one of the most defective devices in storytelling. In ACT-2, discuss superstition and later ask can the wife help her husband in the line of duty? In ACT-3, he quoted the English poet Robert Browning: “Our interest is on the dangerous edge of things. The honest thief, the tender murderer, the superstitious atheist.” In the end, superstitious acts on whether to believe in them or not. In his Epilogue, he quoted British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “Where knowledge ends, faith begins.” Many of his narrations, were thought-provoking. But his narration in the 1st Act, about Madame Germaine de Staël and Madame Juliette Récamier, had very little to do with the story. The music tracks they used, including the dramatic tune at 23:51 mark, was fitting. Sound effects of the buzzer, doors, telephone, necklace and bracelets jingling, typewriter, footsteps, animal sounds, guitar, Jeep engine running, construction work, thunder, and the rainstorm were splendid. But the splendid part of all, was the cast: Ralph Bell (as Joe Carpenter), Evie Juster (as Alice Carpenter and Honifa), and Robert Kaliban (as Frank Perkins and Frank Perkins Junior). Robert Kaliban’s roles as the father and son were nicely done. Evie Juster’s roles as the wife and sorceress were wonderful. And Ralph Bell was outstanding as the anxious leading character. For those that are fans of Ralph Bell’s work, you should check this episode out. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


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