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How Do You Like Those Apples?


A chance encounter with a psychic allows a cheating spouse to learn about his death. At the same time, his wife begins having strange visions of her husband's murder and tries to find the killer in order to stop him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 31, 1982
  • Repeat - November 29, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1365

I liked this episode. No dought in my mind who committed this murder. The husband (JOHN) dreamed how he would be murdered. In his dreams he even remembered the licence plate number which was the person (Harry) he dreamed would kill him. When he dropped Harry off, he even said you don't deserve to live. The point that Harry tried to talk Louise out of going to the police at the end, shows his guilt. No way it was Jill's jealous underworld lover. I gave this episode 5 stars.

Don Heiland, Jr.

Great episode which follows a consistent theme of Mystery Theater--the adulterous spouse pays for their philandering. 4 stars.

Davy Joe

I agree with commenter Davy Joe, as usual, that this episode is great. It has those elements that are very compelling mystery theater: supernatural, psychological, dreams, faithlessness, adultery, romance, fortuneteller.


The music at 25:25. Wasn't this also used in the ABC gothic soap, Dark Shadows?

Steve Bergman

The plot description threw me - as it said the wife, not the husband, "begins having visions of her husband's murder". Even though he was a rotten husband to her, she did something unexpected by tracking down the person in his dreams. Her husband's actions brought on his own demise - no one else (because of his lying to and cheating on his wife; belittling her and others; being so arrogant to tell the man in his dreams while they are driving together that he wants to meet a woman - and she may have a friend for him).


Very enjoyable episode with a satisfying ending. I laughed at the behavior of the cheating husband when the fortuneteller refused to tell his fortune. "I want to speak to the manager! This is discrimination!" Sounded like a certain type of complainer today. LOL


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