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Gate 27


After being deserted by his wife, a former investigator finds relief at the bottom of a liquor bottle. His life takes a turn for the better when he meets a young woman on the commuter train who reminds him of his worth. When she suddenly disappears, he begins to have visions that she is desperately calling for help and relies on his old abilities to find her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 21, 1982
  • Repeat - March 18, 1982





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16 Responses to Episode 1281

Great Story! Great acting! This is one of my favorites so far... Gate 27 stars Fred Gwynne, Carry Keen (sp), Cort Benson, and Bernard Grant. "He that is not handsome at 20, strong at 30, Rich at 40, nor wise at 50 will never be handsome, strong rich or wise..." The story is about about a homeless beggar who was once an officer of the law. One day he rediscovers himself after eventually falling in love with a women he'd been begging from at Gate 27 (train terminal). He becomes worried when one day she doesn't show up at the train station. He goes into detective mode to help solve the mystery of her disappearance. Cameo by Himan Brown? (beat cop)


Absolutely agree with Nat on story and acting. Really easy and enjoyable listening.


Fred Gwynn is slowly becoming my favorite actor from Mystery Theater. He always sounds so genuine. This is not your typical Mystery Theater at all. You have to listen to act 3 and then E.G. Marshall's take at the very end to really get it. Is it possible for some benevolent force to bring two people together for one to serve (lovingly) the other? Who knows; but I liked the way Mystery Theater poses the question. 4 stars. By the way--Sam Dann wrote this rather intreaguing love story. In this episode, he seems to have captured what Elspeth Eric tries to, but falls short of--a great script with a believable story that is romantic in nature which is enjoyable to listen to.


Just listened to the Episode "Gate 27", and was pleasantly surprised! It is a very good episode, very sedate, enjoyable to listen to- it slowly unfolds, and can be described as a human drama, about humanity and human nature. I would also say that it illustrates the core value, the moral, of another episode, that was much darker and harder to listen to, called the "Black Room".


Gate 27, when Fred played a former detective turned homeless alcoholic, until a kind woman needs him to become a great detective again. It was one of 3 CBSRMTs I had on 45 min cassette when the show went off the air. Became a comfort item when I was a kid and couldn't sleep. Must have listened to it a hundred times before the tape broke.


He was OUTSTANDING! Prolly my fav on CBSRMT.


"Gate 27" is my favorite


Really good one. Mr. Gwynne is a GREAT actor. LOVE HIM!! Love Teri Keane too.


Fantastic episode, one of my favorites. Fred is the best.


Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster- knew, as did the producers/directors of the CBSRMT, that he had the perfect,deep sonorous voice for radio ... that added to his timing, slow and resonant tonal modulation makes Gwynne's performance so convincing. This wonderful, cleverly conceived and well spun, life-affirming love story in particular was the perfect vehicle for his unique talent. That Gate-27 was one of the few tales in this great series where horror, fear or blood was not shed makes it all the more enjoyable and rich.


SO good! Satisfying.


Can anyone make out the very last 35 seconds of audio in this recording? Not the story, but the audio after the news snippet. BTW... Great story!

Rey Flores

Agree with above listeners, as this is one of my very favorite episodes. Sam Dann is the man! I’m not a fan, as many of my fellow listeners are, of commercials, but I have to admit I enjoyed the Maxwell House commercial because the melody is so appealing. Not in this episode, but I love the Safeway commercial as well d/t the melody.


Magnficient. Fred Gywnne found his metier in the CBSRMT.


Agreed Fred Gwynn is ONE OF THE BEST! MANDEL Kramer, Russell Horton, Just to Mention 2 Other Greats! Love Cbsrmt Been listing Since 1974-75 With my older Brothes.


This story is in my top five. The acting is good the story is good the writing is good. I've been a fan for a long time


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