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An Identical Murder


Two identical twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she cares for just one. One brother dies in an accident, and she is doubtful as to which one of the brothers it was.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 28, 1975
  • Repeat - May 20, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0231

The whistling is eerily effective here - saw the ending coming but not quite in the way it was carried off; interesting dynamics between the characters.

Mike in Grand Rapids

Identical twins are in love with the same woman but her love is saved only for one of them. Throughout their dating history, the couple was joined virtually all the time by the scorned brother. When the couple gets engaged, they go off on a climbing holiday accompanied by the scorned brother. During the climb, the scorned finds an opportunity to let his brother die in an accident and then claim his identity. He convinces everyone… almost. The woman is uncertain and is haunted by messages from beyond the grave. Twin episode: And Death Makes Even Steven July 9, 1974


Nice and eerie!!!


A nice supernatural tale that was a good listen. I liked the effect of the whistling, but I'd think a ghost who can whistle could've given a better indication/clue to what really happened. I'm sure they figured it out when the spring thaw arrived.


This one is very good. A classic ghost story.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Listening to this episode where a ghost whistles to the tune of “Sweet Sue” is hauntingly clever. But here are 3 reasons why I didn’t rate Murray Burnett’s story 5 stars for EXCELLENT. First, there’s an episode that’s similar to this: #0116-AND DEATH MAKES EVEN STEVEN written by Ian Martin. Second, the twist in the final Act was predictable. I expected one of the twins would change places to be with the bride-to-be. And third, the episode title doesn’t fit right with the murder scenes. One brother dies in a mountain climbing accident and the other brother dies in the ocean. Both murders are not identical. A better title would be “Love, Hatred, and Revenge” or “The Thin Lines Between Love, Hate, Life, and Death” or simply “Ann’s Dilemma.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts the show off by saying, “Your guide through the Macabre Maze of the Occult.” Now THAT is an introduction! In ACT-1, introduce Harry Carlson: the story teller of this mystery. Plus, information on identical twins. In ACT-2, hearing the old saying: “Two's company, three's a crowd” but the third member can be a disturbance. In ACT-3, defining a Ménage à trois (and I’m surprised that E.G. Marshall was allowed to talk about this stuff on the radio). In the end, the other brother’s demise. In his Epilogue, comparing the Benton twins to the Greek mythological twins of Castor and Pollux. Sound effects of the howling wind, face slaps, body thud, avalanche, restaurant music, customers murmuring, amusement park music, doorbell, coffee pot pouring, kettle blowing, phone ringing, footsteps, glass breaking, Wedding March, seagulls, and the ocean waves were supportive and superb. The music was splendid, especially at the 34:12 mark when they tried to communicate with the ghost. But what was even more splendid, was the cast: Elliot Reid (as Jack Benton), William Redfield (as Vinnie Benton and Restaurant owner), Roberta Maxwell (as Ann Slater) and Robert Dryden (as Harry Carlson and the Medium). All 4 of them played their parts wonderfully, especially Roberta Maxwell. This is one of her best performances on CBSRMT. If you’re searching for mystery stories involving twins, murder, and romance from a woman, check this episode out and check out #0116-AND DEATH MAKES EVEN STEVEN. SPECIAL NOTE: The preview at the end of the episode comes from #0277-DON’T LET IT CHOKE YOU. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I enjoyed how the ghost in this episode was unalterably evil, even though the man was good in life. That seems fitting to me.


I found this episode difficult to "get into", largely because I found the guy's insistence on getting married extremely annoying --- and his lack of consideration for the girl's concerns to be not believable (especially for someone proposing marriage). The girl's patience with this jerk is beyond believable.


Robert Dryden is excellent as a no-nonsense mountain climber. Redfield and Reid sound so much alike, it's uncanny. The spring thaw aught to answer whatever lingering questions may remain.

Vicky Hernandez

Maybe check the fingerprints of the living twin???? Rather than waiting for the spring thaw???


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