Elliot Reid (Actor)

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(01-16-1920 - 06-21-2013) Age 93

Elliot Reid was an announcer for CBS radio at the age of 17. He is remembered for his work on Suspense! and played Jane Russell's suitor in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

He appeared in the following 6 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
11/12/1974 0173 I Must Kill Edna A hardened middle-aged man marries a wealthy lady for pragmatic reasons. When he falls in love with a young girl at the same time, he conspires to kill his wife using her obsession with rattlesnakes, .
01/17/1975 0207 Ghost Talk A man dies and his wife is devastated by it. He finds out that he can communicate with her and she promises to never forget him. But later he finds out from an angel that if he persists in keeping his memory alive, she will be stuck in eternal limbo. So he must achieve the nearly impossible task of making her forget about him.
02/28/1975 0231 An Identical Murder Two identical twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she cares for just one. One brother dies in an accident, and she is doubtful as to which one of the brothers it was.
08/14/1975 0326 The Root of All Evil After discovering $80,000 in his trash bin, a middle-aged copywriter believes he has found the means to escape the dreariness of his existence. He soon grows paranoid and this create tension in his marriage. Unknown to him, the thieves who stole the money are indeed after him, and they are determined to reclaim their loot.
09/08/1975 0340 The Other Life A neglected housewife finds herself deep in debt when she turns to racehorse gambling to stave off her loneliness. At the same time, her husband manages to further his political career at the expense of his wife's happiness.
01/26/1976 0421 The Ferret

Time and again the United States' plan to become independent of foreign energy sources falls short as their partner; Energy Exploration, Inc.'s resources are sabotaged. Amory Mills, EEI's hotshot lawyer sets up an elaborate scheme to entrap a corrupt EEI executive suspected of selling out the company. The clock is ticking as he zeroes in on Clem Ferris and finally comes close to unmasking "The Ferret."

4 Responses to Reid Elliot

My wife and I were fortunate to have had lunch with "Tim" Reid, as his badge read, when we attended a radio program recreation in Van Nuys, California. During the conversation at the table of eight, one woman asked if he was related to the actor Elliot Reid. "That's me," he answered. My wife was seated between us so I took a closer look and, in spite of the changes brought on by time, I pictured him with his hairpiece and realized I was in the presence of the same guy who appeared opposite Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! It was a thrilling moment for me. My good friend of many years, June Foray, who was part of the show, had told me I shouldn't miss the event and I'm glad we went. When you're surrounded by legends like Robert Easton, Janet Waldo, Chuck McCann, Marvin Kaplan, Herb Ellis and many others it's hard to define what moment left the biggest impression but chatting with Tim was definately the highlight of the day. I know...I dropped a lot of names but everytime I turned around it was someone else who's contributions to entertainment were outstanding. That was a day I'll never forget.

Don S. San Diego

Known to his friends as "Ted," Reid died in Studio City, California on June 21, 2013 at 93.

Doug Douglass

That's neat he was a good actor. When I was at Wyoming Tech in 77 we could listen to EG Marshall at night.


Elliot Reid started in radio in the 1930s as an announcer for CBS at the age of 17. He appeared in dozens of radio programs including The Mercury Theatre on the Air, The Adventures of Philip Marlowe and Suspense. He appeared in a number of Broadway productions and had over 100 appearances in film and television including TV's I Love Lucy, The Munsters, the Odd Couple, All in the Family and Seinfeld. His film credits include a number of Disney pictures, Inherit the Wind and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


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