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The Dead Come Alive


When the residents of a small Ohio town learn of the impending visit of a man who claims to have the power to raise the deceased, they are far from pleased as they believe that the secrets of the dead are better off buried.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 30, 1981
  • Repeat - January 2, 1981





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A professor's arrival in a small town brings mixed reaction when he advertises his ability to bring people back from the dead. He announces his plan to perform this miracle in the town cemetery. The town's mayor is dubious of the man's claims while others seem bent on keeping him from performing his miracle. This story seems to inspired by (if not a direct rip-off of) the Twilight Zone episode "Mr. Garrity and the Graves." The two stories end differently, with this CBSRMT version ending in a conventional murder mystery/detective scenario. Still in all, an enjoyable episode. Genre: Drama

Lucerne N.

AT the end of mine she has just spoken with the Dr. who is trying to help her with her Viking pirate fascination while she was picking berries and they are playing out the dream sequence where a pirate rides up and begins speaking to her and the whole audio cuts off!


I was rather disappointed with this one. I was hoping the story had more of a thriller/horror aspect to it. That is to say, I would have liked a story where it did turn out some of the dead were brought back--not as zombies or anything, but in the "normal" living state. Their survivors would have to deal with what that entailed and the returnees would have to deal with what they were and maybe even where they had been while they were dead. I guess I was hoping for a Buffy type of situation--being brought back, some perhaps who wouldn't have allowed themselves given the choice--and everyone dealing with that. I was disappointed that the whole thing was a con and that the murderer of the girl was revealed rather easily and predictably. Added note: the version I downloaded from the link shows a length of 56 minutes but the story is about 40 minutes long. The last 15 minutes is a portion of another mystery.

Elli Isaac

Just wondering, does anyone know of a story, in any genre, besides "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" where a person who was dead and buried was resurrected, ostensibly to resume the existence they had before? I don't mean zombie stories, or ghost stories where they inhabit people, or people getting a second chance via time travel to the past (where nobody else knows what happened). I mean a story where someone who was dead for some time was brought back and everybody knew it and had to deal with it. Buffy's story was mostly about how she reacted to it, and her friends, who were responsible for bringing her back, were just so happy to have her alive again, they didn't really think too much about how she would feel about it. They thought they were somehow saving her when, in fact, Buffy had been in heaven and considered life on Earth hell. I just think it would be such a fascinating story, in the right hands, to have it happen to a group of people who can have different reactions to it.

Elli Isaac

An interesting but predictable story. I liked it but the copy that I had was a bad one. There was no intro and instead of an epilogue at the end of this story, it jumped right into a another completely different one that made absolutely no sense. Did anyone else have the same problem? What I was able to listen to I enjoyed immensely. I've always loved storys that involved the art of deceit. The larger the audience that gets deceived (like the town for instance), the more enjoyable it becomes for me. I would like to get a clean copy of it though - so if anyone can oblige I'd be very grateful.

Geron D.

@ Elli Isaac, I know this is way after the fact but... Watch the CW show Supernatural. There are 9 approx. 22 episode seasons and are actually alot like these shows only on television. It is about two brothers who travel around the U.S. hunting supernatural creatures such as demons, ghost and pretty much everything supernatural. There is an overarching storyline in each season, but each episode is pretty self contained with a "Monster of the Week" they hunt every episode which usually leads to revealing more about brothers. Spoiler Alert... One of the brothers does die but goes to hell and is brought back and has to deal with happened while he was in hell which is pretty interesting and seems to be in the same vein of what you are asking about.

Tristin Mount

@ Elli Isaac, my first thought was Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia where his first dead wife comes back as his sickely second wife, but that is a ghost story. Then there is the Case of M. Valdemaar [spelling?] where the dying man is placed under hynosis to see if his mind survives the death of the body. Then there is the Abominable Doctor Phibes and Doctor Phibes Rises Again. In it Vincent Price tries to bring his dead wife back to life and the second film ends leaving us wonder if she actually did come back to walk with him into the sunset. Finally in the Twilight Zone episode The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank, the actor James Best wakes up and sits up in his coffin during his funeral and acts normal. He doesn't know that he had been declared dead by the doctor. This is about the closest one to a normal person waking up from the dead.

D.C. Klinkensmit

Litened online and around 24 minutes in, it was interrupted with news report of Pres. Reagan's surgery outcome. Reminded me of the later passed Brady Bill, which is my first realization of big brother taking away more rights of law abiding people because of crazy people breaking laws.

Jim K.

Anyone else find it REALLY strange that Reagan survived the attempt & surgery but nearly died & the episode aired that night was 'THE DEAD COME ALIVE'? Creeeepy!


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