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The Golden Chalices


Mary Roth has stirs the embers of his memory with her stories and gifts. His patient is unaware that thirty years ago, psychoanalyst Hans von Fodor and his wife Lili von Fodor were forced to flee Hungary shortly after their marriage. Before leaving Kispest, they buried twelve golden chalices under a cherry tree with a vow to somehow come back for them. Intent on bringing the promise to life, Mary forces them into another wild goose chase.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 12, 1976
  • Repeat - June 29, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0430

A patient recounts for her analyst a dream she has of 12 gold cups that were lost. The analyst's wife is convinced that they are the same cups that they hid and lost when fleeing the Nazis year earlier.

Chas Pepe

A psychiatrist sees a patient who shares with him and his wife gifts that appear to be clues to a lost family treasure. He finds it hard to believe that this young woman could know anything about the golden chalices they buried in their old family estate in the old country when they fled from Hitler's army. His wife is adamant and seeks to understand every little clue she can create out of the young girl's stories and gifts.


Not too bad of a story, but I did grow a little weary of the wife interpreting things one way and the husband dismissing it. It's an alright story, but difficult for me to put into a specific genre.


The psychoanalyst was a clueless a$$ and his attitude was contrary to his patient's treatment.

Lydia Johnson

What did the therapy have to do with anything? Wouldn't it have made more sense if she was seeing him for a condition more related to his circumstances?


Psychoanalyst Hans von Fodor is reminded of the flight he and his wife made from Hungary 30 years ago by the stories and gifts of Mary Roth, Hans’ patient. Shortly after their wedding, Hans and Lili von Fodor were forced to flee from their native Kispest and leave behind a precious wedding gift; 12 golden chalices buried beneath a cherry tree. Mary now seems to be leading them on another fruitless search for the lost cups.


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