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The Sound of Terror


The lover of a police detective becomes involved in a terrorist kidnapping when she unwittingly answers a call in a public pay phone.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 27, 1978
  • Repeat - May 10, 1979





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6 Responses to Episode 0911

When I was listening to this episode I began to realize how many things have changed since 1978. When is the last time you heard an actual busy signal when you called someone on the phone? Goodluck even finding a payphone on the street these days. Still, terrorism is a part of this world just as it was in the 70's. In this episode there was dialog between the two main characters about terrorism and it can't possibly rear it's ugly head in the U.S. This is a fascinating trip back in time where so many things have changed but still remain the same. I give this episode five stars.

Vinny Viola

A cop's young wife is kidnapped by two Arab terrorists and held for $3 million ransom. Weak script.

Antonio Guy

Disagree with Guy - not the greatest script but not bad. I come down in the mddle - not 5 star but not bad.


Sure love these old shows, my older brothers used to listen an of course I tagged along. Just an 8 year old when I heard this sleeping out on our parents front porch. Such great Memories. Thanks and there all 5 stars to me. Cash

Cash Harris

The siren is ANNOYING but otherwise an okay listen. Pretty disturbing that the story is still relevant and somewhat similar to 9/11.


I found this fascinating. It was an early snapshot of the terrorism that was still pretty much in the future and how the world of 1978 perceived it. It is especially eerie that this was episode 911. Gives me the shivers if I think about it too much. Good episode.


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