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The Vampire Plant


When his tormentors mysteriously start to vanish, a wimpy mama's boy turns his eyes on the assertive young woman he married. He begins to suspect that her carnivorous plant, hemo anderantus is the perpetrator of the crimes.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 20, 1980
  • Repeat - June 5, 1980





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A momma's boy whose mother owns a successful business places personal ads in a newspaper trying to find a girlfriend. He finds one, and she visits him from out of town. He falls in love with her and she claims to do the same, but becomes upset on learning that her mother, not the son, owns the business. So on meeting Mom, she gives her the gift of an ugly looking plant which she says will make the Mom's life better as long as she puts it by her bedside. She does, and ends up dead the next day. According to the family doctor, all her blood disintegrated. The man and the woman marry, but she becomes upset that the control of the business is in the hands of another man (named "Mr. Bell") before it can be inherited by her husband. So she visits Mr. Bell, and gives him a gift of the ugly looking plant (she calls it "hema endrantis" (sic)), and also convinces him to put it by his bedside. He does, and he dies. Then her new husband gets suspicious, and the tale REALLY gets started...

Beyonce Jimms

Hey, I'm first! This play is a silhouette, though not necessarily a shadow of, a previous Ian Martin play "Time and again". In fact, a commenter on the latter episode suggested "Time and again" was inspired by "Little Shop of horrors", so maybe Mr. Martin said words to the effect of "Heck with it, I'm rewriting 'Little Shop' MY way." Robert Dryden and Teri Keane (whose voice so reminded me of Jane Curtin, which is interesting as the latter was having her Saturday Night Live heyday around the time of Keane's CBS RMT tenure) had an interesting interplay, and the weird sound effect played when the plant is doing its thing (whether we know it or not) still gives me the willies if I listen to it alone. I have to be frank: Ian Martin did great work for the RMT both in front of and behind the microphone!


As I said, this is similar to "Time and again" in that: - It's written by Ian Martin. - He plays a kindly, befuddled, "house call" type of doctor in each. - There are bloodsuckers at work. - These vampires are also WORKING (intentionally or not) for someone. - The man we come to view as a protagonist has bad things happen within his family. - In each play, he decides to take a similar course of action. Three things: - This reunites the "Girl talk" team of Teri Keane and Robert Dryden. I think this was one of Dryden's best performances for the RMT. - The best line in the play occurs on their "honeymoon" night after he (in the voice he used as a college "revolutionary" says he'll treat his new bride's plant with "kid gloves"): "The only gloves I wanted to use on "heebie-jeebie" or whatever were 8 oz. ones." Classic. - At that same moment, there's a music bed that I can't determine the origin of. It sounds like some kind of percussive string instrument, accompanied by flutes and run through an echo chamber. I listened to this last year, at my wife's store, with my back to a darkened storeroom. I defy anyone to listen intently to that music bed and not get some type of shivers the first time you hear it. (On any other episode it would have been overused, but this one it works perfectly.) Enjoy, ya'll.


This was a great show, also. I used to soak up this b-movie type horror stuff watching late movies and, of course, on the radio. I loved schlock, and this was schlock! As an adult, my tastes have become at least a tiny bit more discerning (I think). Therefore, I didn't enjoy it as much today as I would have as a kid. Still, a good episode. I'm giving it a four although I didn't like it as much as "Time and Again". Thanks for two great selections!

Brian Pontillas

More Vampyre stories, I am scared... someone definitely is attempting to scare all of us with all these nifty stories of blood sucking plants and clocks. I would give this a 4 but I had issues with the ending, not sure just was not satisfying enough at the end. This one gets a three as well but another strong 3. The wife kind of reminds me of the wife from I Warn You Three Times.. I guess because when she tires of someone she eliminates them. I heard this one as a kid and it scared the you know what out of me, primarily because my dad had a lot of plants and one was a Venus Fly Trap. I have this uncontrollable urge to watch Day Of The Triffids now.


This show had a compelling concept, both in the plant itself and the way the woman used it to gain wealth and power. So she was preying on her victim in the same way the plant was. I would have liked to have her character explained - how she had come to get these plants and become so evil that she became their ilk. The main character (first-person) is also interesting (and desirous of something), in that he is presented as a \'momma\'s boy\' but is thoroughly seduced by his lady-friend. Sound quality slipped toward the end but that is a small price to pay for having these shows available once again. I continue to enjoy the show.


What a great story. It reminded me of the classic tale, \"The Body Snatchers\", but this story had it\'s own interesting distinctions. I enjoyed the overbearing mother and the momma\'s boy storyline and I also enjoyed notion of the heartless and conniving wife. Justice was served when the wife met her end. The actors were excellent but unfortunately, the third act of the program I have was very hard to hear and this program is an excellent candidate for replacement.

Gayle G.

I can certainly appreciate your comment about building of the wife character. I,too, would have appreciated some background information but I'm not sure what I would have cut to make the 42 minute timeframe.

Freddie S.

"the vampire plant" of my favorite episodes


This radio play makes me think of another radio play that I remember from the 70's where there's this clock that suspends time 4 an hour each day but @ the same time would drain a person of their blood. Does any1 who may happen 2 know the episode I'm talking about? If so, plz respond so I can listen 2 the similarities of the episodes. Thanx. This a creepy episode 2 say the least. Until next time.....pleasant dreams(LOL).


Teri Keane's character refers to the plant in a Greek name. In the episode listing, it's transcribed as "haemoederentus" -- which seems to be a made-up name. "Haemo" refers to blood, but "derentus"?


Reminds me of my ex-wife!


Tim, I think you are referring to episode 22 from 1974 "Time and Again". And that was one that had haunted me since I was a teenage. While I probably never heard "The Vampire Plant" (Because I was in college by the time this would have aired, and didn't have the same kind of schedule I had in high school).

jim shane

Yes, “Time & Again” is a Classic CBSMRT episode similar to this. And you also have “Hickory, Dickery, Doom”

Scooter D

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