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Let No Man Put Asunder


Two friends become unwitting companions as they spend New Year's Eve in prison. They each tell the story of their lives and how they landed themselves in jail.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 7, 1981
  • Repeat - November 5, 1981





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This is one of two James Agate Jr. episodes that aired in August 1981. The other is the Kipling adaptation "The Leopard Man". Both of these stories begin on New Year's Eve.


"The Leopard Man" is a nice little supernatural/horror tale. Maybe next week-- since as you said-- it's set during the New Year's holiday. Until Next Time.............


Thank you guys for this trivia. I was unaware that "The Leopard Man" was also set on New Years Eve. It's interesting that only five episodes separate these two shows and that they originally aired in August rather than December. Happy New Year to all!


There's a great RMT episode that also had New Year's eve as a (creepy) setting... In that show (without giving away too much to those who haven't heard it) the actor John Beal played a mayor who kept having (prophetic?) nightmares of New Year's eve, just as the clock struck midnight in his beloved town.

Jannen Javier

In this episode, the one friend is visiting the other in jail (they are not both prisoners)


Someone has put this audio asunder. I just hear gravely alien/exorcist type communications. Real spooky though.


For those you don't know, the phrase "Let No Man Put Asunder" is from the Bible; MARK 10:9. Meaning, let no man put into separate parts, which fits well in this CBSRMT episode. It's so good, it could've been an episode of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS for its dramatic-mystery. The acting of Michael Wagner (as Paul Raymond) & Russell Horton (as Mark Young) is enjoyable. They talk like they're Will Graham & Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the film RED DRAGON (2002). Listen to Russell Horton's voice at the 9-minute 10-second mark when he says the word, "What". Very witty. Sound effects were dead on. But the music is dynamite, especially at the 19-minute 43-second mark where the Mystery gives us the chills. I should give you heads up that there's a pause at the 11-minute 27-second mark and another pause at 26-minute 34-second mark. But more importantly, was the chemistry that Mark Young had with Paul Raymond's wife Louisa (played by Joyce Gordon who also played the role of Janice). Even though Mark Young shows companionship to his best friend, he also shows compassion to his best friend's wife. You can hear it happening at the 23-minute 25-second mark in ACT-2. As for the villain, Paul Raymond who's behind bars, is oblivious to the pain he has created to the women in his life. James Agate Jr. wrote an interesting piece with a twist near the end. As for E.G. Marshall, his narrations were entertaining as always


Listened to this episode last night. Hit pretty close to home, considering the circumstances.


It’s my birthday and I am miles away from home and my beloved family. Glad to have my friend CBS radio mystery theater with me tonight. Happy Birthday to me!!

Gina Schackel

something must have happened to the recording because it is just garbled words. I've listened to the episodes immediately before and after this one, and those are not affected. I see others have commented on it, so it must have been clear at some point


The recording has been updated and the sound quality is great. As others have noted, this episode has quite an interesting premise. It’s definitely worth a listen!


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