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Till Death Do Us Join


Set in old Prussia, this is a truly Gothic tale of romance between an art student and his professor's niece. Fate intervenes when her hand is sold off in marriage with a local wealthy man. But one life isn't enough for eternal lovers, is it?



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 25, 1975
  • Repeat - August 3, 1975





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In old Prussia, a young art student falls in love with his teacher's niece. Unfortunately, he sells her hand in marriage to a local financier. The deal is deadly for the living and lively for the dead.

Nick Joaquin

An apprentice painter is deeply in love with his master’s niece, (he is caring for after her family was killed), but the two keep it secret until he is able to provide in a satisfactory manner. When a mysterious man appears at the studio lurking in the shadows, face hidden by the brim of a large hat, and offers the master a fortune in gold along with the promise of a secure and more than comfortable future for his. Wanting on ly the best for his young charge, he agrees and signs a marriage contract which the young apprentice reluctantly signs as a witness. It is not until later the next day when the girl meets her bridegroom and they see his looks more like an animated corpse than anything else. What is in store for the young girl and how will the young apprentice handle his love for his art and for the girl?


"Based on a Gothic tale by the Irish novelist Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu considered by many an equal to Poe, Stevenson, or de Maupassant"

Schenectady Gazette, Aug 3, 1975

This may be my favorite episode. It's creepy as hell and has unusually good sound effects. It has the character of a classic Hammer horror film. Thundering coaches, spectral figures and great gothic atmosphere.

Horace Cordier

Nice and creepy. I love this story!


It is a good story in the vein of Hammer. I miss old Prussia!

Scooter D and the Deuce Greens

A good listen! Don't you miss the old days when you sold your dead brother's daughters off to the first person who gave you the most money? Then, of course, we started paying people to take the daughters (dowries), and now we pay for their weddings (a pseudo-dowry?). I have three girls myself, but hopefully they'll help pay for their weddings when the time comes. Even so, I wouldn't marry them off for money.


As E. G. Marshall tells us , this story is based on a tale by J. S. Le Fanu which is called " Schalken The Painter " and it is very true to the original . Le Fanu wrote great , old-time ghost stories and you can find his work easily online . One of his most famous stories is " Carmilla " , a vampire story which greatly influenced Bram Stoker when he wrote " Dracula " .


I don’t often enjoy the episodes set in the past because I usually find them tedious. Not this one, I was pleased to discover. Creepy episode and leaves just enough unresolved at the end to allow one’s imagination to fill in the gaps without frustration. A good listen.


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. Let me start off by saying…WOW!!! Ian Martin's adaptation of this horror story was hauntingly beautiful! It’s based off the novel of "Strange Event In The Life Of Schalken The Painter." A gothic tale that cannot be ignored! In our Host's Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts it off with Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and his work is equal to other horror writers that have written surprising endings. In ACT-1, learn a few details of our main character. In ACT-2, learn a bit about his rival. In ACT-3, after revealing the shocking twist, E.G. Marshall states that this is a sad and terrifying story, but a fascinating and an observing one. In his Epilogue, the result of our main character and his paintings. The narrations he brought us were riveting. Sound effects of the doors, roaring thunder, glasses clinking, brandy pouring, bell tolls 7, seagulls, leather case, gold ingots, signing of the contract, bell toll 9, bell door dinging, swift of the sword, howling wind, breaking down the door, window latches, funeral music, and footsteps echoing were captivating. The music, with its supernatural and dramatic tunes during the main character’s narrations, were transfixing. And the best part of all, was the cast: Don Scardino (as Godfried Schalken), Roberta Maxwell (as Rose), Guy Sorel (as Gerard Boekman), and Arnold Moss (as Mynheer Vanderhausen of Rotterdam and the Goldsmith). These 4 were magnificent! The way Roberta Maxwell said: "Hold me, Godfried. Hold me tight" at the 06:31 mark was delicate, yet delightful. And the way Don Scardino used his tone to describe the antagonist's body movements and facial features, very well done! I highly recommend this gothic tale to everyone. It is, top-notch, one of the best CBSRMT episodes that will give radio fans chills all through the night. Also, check out the other adaptations of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu such as #0318-CARMILLA and #0913-THE MAN WITH THE CLARET MARK. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


Very Macabre!!! I liked the quality of this one! Sound effects, acting I thought were terrific. The story was very dark! Check it out!


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