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Picture on a Wall


After transferring into a new flat with a picturesque yard, a fledgling actress becomes obsessed with a certain 'inhabitant' of the garden. This greatly disturbs not just her lover, but her landlord as well.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 15, 1974
  • Repeat - November 30, 1974
  • Repeat - June 27, 1980





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12 Responses to Episode 0161

Though it has the usual trappings of ghostly romance, the story is an interesting variation on the theme with some unexpected twists. Baker, as the aspiring actress, is a particular standout amid some very solid performances.

Matt Sandwich

I have noted that some of the challenges of radio dramas is creating an interesting story with details that challenge the listener to stay focused. In "Picture on a Wall" the story was written with enough details to (1)make every line spoken integral to the story, and (2)be interesting without dulling the script with too many details. It was the first time that I heard Diane Baker act--she does a great job. 4 stars.

Davy Joe

A young woman takes an apartment with a courtyard and a fountain that apparently stopped working after a man committed suicide near it many years ago. While looking at the courtyard, a man approaches her and they have a pleasant conversation. When she returns to her apartment she finds a painting of the man that was completed many decades earlier. Is it the same man?


A good episode. It was well written and the pace was smooth. A good story told - save one issue: the death of the other two women. I found the strangled women a foolish addition. A selfless act was needed. I suppose the other two woment didn't "put out" so to speak. So they were strangled?!? This takes away from the ending. It's too weird. Of course, after knowing that I was going to be strangled to death, I'd say I'd "keep the promise." Wouldn't you? It makes the ending a lie and that ruins the ending. 3.5 stars at best.


A ghostly romance

Gina Schackel

I agree with Nicole about the strangulation of the previous tenants - it seems to put the ending off. Additionally, to me (at least) it didn't sound convincing at the end when she said she'd leave everything to help him out because she'd promised she'd help. Up until that point there was no indication that she always kept her promises like that (see her fiancé for example).


Another "chick flick" obviously written to please a female demographic. I liked the strangulation part, it gave this episode a dark twist that showed the "ghost" was an evil lunatic. Plus, it made the landlady more sympathetic because she left him because she was afraid of him and not because she was a gold digger or a user. What I couldn't understand is why the landlord was a landlord. Didn't she fall in love with a rich man? Why would she need to work at her age? Also, why be in the same house where her old lover committed suicide AND keep the painting? A normal person would just move on and forget everything. These issues were not addressed while huge amounts of time were wasted on metaphysical, 70's nonsense. The best part about this download is the funky, soulful Budweiser commercial - never heard that one before.


The landlady stayed and kept the painting because, despite everything that happened, she was still in love with the ghost.


It's a well-acted episode, but I agree with the commentators who said that the women being strangled in the past ruins the story. In fact, it makes the ghost a totally unlikable character, and it's hard to feel so sorry for him after he acts like a violent psycho. I dislike the woman too because she's constantly whining about her acting dreams, and it seems totally unbelievable that she would do anything unselfish for anyone. She wasn't even willing to marry her boyfriend, unless she failed at at an acting career. Also, keeping her promise to the ghost was not an unselfish act. It was self preservation, so the ending shouldn't have happened. Also, how could someone else pay for the ghost's past sin? I think HE would have to so something unselfish in order to be pardoned for whatever sin he was guilty of. Why would the burden have to fall to someone else? This story doesn't make sense. They did a better ghost story in another episode about a girl who follows a ghost to hell, and in the end frees him. it's a similar concept, but a much better story, imo.


The episode was called 'The Canterville Ghost' and the story was built on a similar theme, where someone must make a huge sacrifice to save him.


Enjoyed E G Marshall and the commercials. Good to hear commercials i grew up with brings back memories. The storyline was intriguing, love lost and mourned, regrets of a life. A ghost regretting the past and looking to freedom, an interesting twist of the woman who loved him passing when he is freed. A good listen and the music added to it.


Trivia: Dennis Cole in 1974 when he did this episode was doing minor TV work after having worked as a nearly-naked model in "physique" magazines. Shortly later he guest starred on Charlie's Angles three times (playing a different character in each -- not a recurring part), once in each of the first three seasons in '77, '78, and '79. He was briefly married to Angel Jaclyn Smith (29 October 1978 - 23 July 1981). Never made it much bigger than that, but at least he got some occasional small parts on prime time TV.


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