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The Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested


Problems begin when two parallel realities collide: One in which the stock broker murdered his wife and one where his wife is alive



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 29, 1976
  • Repeat - March 9, 1977





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A stockbroker lives in two worlds: One where he murdered his wife and one where he didn't. Problems start when the two worlds collide.

Jericho R.

Any time you put Gwynne, Benson and Griffiths together you're going to have a heckuva program if the script's decent. (One of these days it would be intersting (and quite time consuming) to put together a spreadsheet matrix of which programs featured which actor working together with whichever scriptwriter. If I found, say, a Sam Dann script with those three guys that I hadn't heard I'd be on it like a bee on a flower.) This show reminded me of a depressing episode entitled "Tempests" which was the finale to one season of the 90s remakes of The Outer Limits TV show. In that show a spaceship captain kept drifting in from one reality to another, from a reality where he was delivering medicine to a dying planet, to another where parasitic, insectoid, mind-altering alien creatures had invaded his spaceship, to another where he was lauded as a hero for saving the aforementioned planet. This RMT episode was, fortunately, far less of a downer than that program.


Really annoying episode that I could not even get through. I complain about radio plays that seem to try to just fill time. The Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested is twice as bad because the listener has to suffer not only through events which create no interest, but through them again when Gwynne recounts events to his wife. Ugh. 1 star out of 5. Juror # 4.

Juror # 4

I very much enjoyed this off kilter episode which makes very good use of dreams- many Mystery Theater stories involve dreams, some to greater or lesser effect. My favorite episode involving dreams is "dreamers and Killers".


A Wall Street broker can’t figure out whether he’s dreaming or awake when his wife tries to tell him somebody’s going to murder her. Wherever he goes one evening, Hector Freemont Carnehan keeps hearing a plea from his wife, Penelope, to save her — somebody’s trying to kill her. The next day Penelope — alive and unharmed — visits Hector at his office and assures him that her life has not been threatened. But later that night Hector is told by his boss that Penelope has been found dead at their country home.


At the end, when the sheriff says "what you've got is a guilty conscience," and doesn't arrest the guy, it immediately made me think of a defense attorney in court!

Angela Warner

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