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In Touch


A medical student requests to be allowed to treat a young girl in Ungerton who suffers from severe migraines. He discovers that talking eases her pain and he imparts this knowledge to her father.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 29, 1981
  • Repeat - January 6, 1982





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7 Responses to Episode 1255

I like the psychological ones and to me, this is a great one!

Lorie McCloud

This was one of the first CBSRMT shows I ever heard and I still love it. It’s a nice little drama with a great cast. Russell Horton’s voice especially is so relaxing to listen to.


I don't know about this one. Have you ever heard anybody talk like Ellen? Is she supposed to be a 5-year-old girl with a headache that doesn't go away? Then it makes sense. But she has perfect diction for that age and talks in a monologue as if she is on drugs. But then if she is 5 years old why did the father ask her if she has a date (boy) for the prom? I can't believe she is a teenager talking like she is so innocent and pure.


She talks so "young" because this is an Elspeth Eric episode, lol! Her characters are stuck in childhood and they never grow up, lol! (Also, to be fair, the actress does have a youthful voice.)


Another Elspeth Eric drama about needy teens and/or adults, with daddy/mommy issues, acting like small children. I'm not discounting the need for love and human affection, but these psych dramas really go too far. Yawn. It's really good when the episodes are actually mysteries, or even just dramas with a little adventure. When it's nothing but people sitting around talking about their psych issues, it gets boring fast. That said, I felt that the acting was good, so they made the most of the limited material they had to work with. There were some touching moments, and maybe if the storyline had been padded with more mystery, then the touchy feely stuff would have been more palatable.


Are you sure this is Ammanda Plummer and not Marian Haley in the lead role? She sounds so much like Marian Haley, I could have sworn it was her.


*Amanda Plummer


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