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Code Word, Caprice


In order to infiltrate a hijacking operation, the police enlist the aid of a conscientious and hard-working trucker.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 7, 1982
  • Repeat - October 14, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1348

I'm impressed with the past few episodes I have listened to from the 80s. They are solid. As for this episode--it was fun listening to the actors attempt Spanish accents. I forgot that truck hijacking was an issue of that time. 4 stars. One of the best lines to end a Mystery Theater episode, "Code name Caprice fell on her ugly face."


fell on IT`S ugly face not her.....


This was good and brought back memories, some rather grusome concerning the final disposition of the truckers back then. The truckers in this episode ended up safe, unhurt and alive. It was interesting for a little while, deducing who the mole was but I guessed accurately. To me the accent sounded as though it was eastern European. Good episode. I will listen to it repeatedly.

Robert Williams

This is a solid episode, but it contains many instances of the actors' Achilles heel at CBSRMT - the foreign accent. They struggle valiantly, and some of them succeted from story to story, but Joyce Gordon has a worse French accent than Patricia Elliott. The German and Russian accents seem to be particularly tough, and there are some bad brogues and burrs. The content of the stories matters more, of course, but it is annoying to hear these tone deaf attempts, and a little hard to keep a straight face sometimes. Lloyd is one of my faves in the roll of actors, but his Irish accent always sounds like a guy with severe laryngitis. Sheesh!


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