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The Lone Survivor


The lone survivor of a plane crash at sea cannot remember who he is. A police detective, an airline executive, and a doctor work to find out.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 21, 1976
  • Repeat - April 9, 1977





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10 Responses to Episode 0569

Good mystery with great ending.


The lone survivor of a commercial airliner crash is unable to provide the authorities with any information about the accident because he is suffering from amnesia. He claims to remember nothing prior to waking up in the hospital, including his own identity. When an FBI agent gets involved in the investigation, he begins to suspect that there is more going on than meets the eye. This is a fairly intriguing episode with an ending that is satisfying but not as clever as it might have been. Genre: Suspense

Dixie Lacuesta

The lone survivor of a plane crash at sea cannot remember who he is. A police detective, an airline executive, and a doctor work to find out.

Armand Tull

What I liked about this CBRSMT episode was E.G. Marshall's words of mystery. From the Prologue to the Epilogue, our host pulls us in to solve this puzzling tale as we hear the talented voices of Russell Horton (as Theodore Williams) and Ian Martin (who wrote this and played Dr. Sedgefield). What I disliked, was that there weren't enough music or sound effects. Bryna Raeburn (as Jackie Williams) was fitting for her role. But for a story such as this, it needed Fred Gwynne and he could've played the role of J.P. Henderson (played by Ken Harvey). The story was building up in ACT-1 and ACT-2. But at the very end of ACT-3, it was something that I didn't expect. This is not a Fantasy-Mystery.


I agree with everything you said here Armand. Your insights are right on. My only disagreement is the Lt. Dr. Colezzi was played by RussellHorton who also played the Lone Survivor. Lt. Dr. Colezzi would have been better played by Fred Gwynne. Russell played him as a dufuss trying to hide that he was both characters. Bad choice to do so as he should have switched his character interpretations to have the story make better sense.

Paul L

This is the second RMT episode with Russell Horton starring as a man with amnesia - who ‘maybe’ killed his wife. The other episode is by Sam Dann called ‘Ninety Lives’ with Fred Gwynne and Terri Keane and stars Russell Horton.

Paul Liberti

That's one of my faves.


The combination of a hole in its fuselage and clear air turbulence causes the crash of a plane en route to Hawaii. All on board are killed, except one man found swimming in the nude in the ocean. The man, hospitalized, seems to be suffering from a severe case of amnesia, is unable to identify himself or explain why he was on the plane. He is a cooperative patient—until the police try to fingerprint him and have his photograph taken.


Silly mystery about a man whom you know is lying from the jump and a it that author clearly thinks is meatier than it is. I felt sorry for EG Marshall in his segments, trying to sell a story that he must have known was weak. And the detective? He sounded like he was on his deathbed the whole time. Lousy casting.

Commissioner's watch

Gotta love Russel Horton and his many voices!


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