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The Power of Zeus


A pair of scientists is sent to the planet Zeus, and subsequently meets the planet's pompous and overbearing commander who sports a Texas drawl. On the alien world, they must discover a way to avert the world-wide threat of starvation caused by a massive hole in the Earth's ozone layer.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 1, 1980
  • Repeat - December 8, 1980





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3 Responses to Episode 1114

^^ I'd have to agree with "Days of Broken Arrows" about it being a different actress. But what I really came her to say is that this was one of the most ridiculous episodes, science-wise, of the entire RMT series. I know we're supposed to suspend disbelief, but my gosh, sometimes the writing is so inaccurate (and just plain bad) that it's too hard. "It blew the planet right out of the galaxy!" What is this, 1950's Flash Gordon science?? A big thumbs down.


Nice to hear this again. One problem: I'm pretty sure the Tracy Ellis who stars is not Tracee Ellis Ross, who this Web site lists in its credits. Tracee Ellis Ross would have been eight years old (and going by Tracee Silberstein) when this came out, and there is no child's voice featured. Even if her voice was mature, it's doubtful she's either of the women here. That goes for other episodes too, including "The First Day of Eternity." I assume there was an actress named Tracy (or Tracey or Traci) Ellis back in the '70s and '80s and this is her.

Days of Broken Arrows

Seems like science fiction is NOT in CBRMT’S comfort zone. But this episode is particularly awkward in too many ways to name, so I won’t. Suspending my disbelief enough to swallow this one would require unconsciousness!

Andrew Firth

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