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The Instant Millionaires


Moral qualms notwithstanding, three warehouse labourers decide to share a huge stash of three million dollars that find by accident. But it fails to bring them contentment. What's more, the real felon owner might be coming after them any time!



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 9, 1978
  • Repeat - August 8, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0795

Three furniture movers (including writer Ian Martin) working in a warehouse discover an old trunk containing various items...and $3 million. Ralph Bell and Evie Juster have supporting roles.

Amanda Paige

This one sort of picks up where "The Laughing Maiden" concept might have left off. An irish guy (Robert Calaban) and a german/jewish guy (I forget the actor, who did a good job), who work as movers and warehouseman at an auction/storage house, are almost killed by stuff falling out of a storage bin. Their italian boss (played by Ian Martin) comes in as they're cleaning up. The stuff in the bin is due for auction...the owner is deceased and the merchandise that was in storage will be put up for sale to the highest bidder. A trunk in the storage pin is damaged and can be opened. The list they go by says the trunk only contains books and stuff. The irish guy can't resist looking inside and is stunned. $3 million dollars in cold hard cash is inside beneath the books. The irish guy (a gambler) thinks he can live like a high rolling king with 1/3 of this. The italian thinks he can live like a capo (as in "mob boss" if I recall the translation). The german guy, who only would love to own a bakery again like he did before the Nazis took it over and made him wear a yellow star of David, warns them that when you find money in hard currency like this out of nowhere, chances are it was capo-style criminal business that obtained it. Nonetheless, the other two insist that they all three split the dough, and essentially threaten to kill the German guy if he doesn't go along. Remember the movie "Godfather II", and the well done scenes in the middle of the movie where Michael Corleone and his henchmen/family are visiting Havana casinos right on the eve of Castro's takeover? Well, turns out that same night a mob casino worker absconded with (drum roll) $3 million from a casino just ahead of Fidel's strongmen. He packed it in a steamer trunk with his compadres ostensibly to get it out of the country into their waitinghands, but once the trunk made American landfall it disappeared. He was killed in retaliation later on but the money was never found. Well, a construction magnate / mafioso (played by Ralph Bell) who had a sizeable connection to the Cuban casino and who's currently shopping the auctions to furnish his mistresse's love pad, sees the trunk he helped pack the money in and is convinced it's in there. He buys it and is dismayed by the empty trunk. Takes one to know one, however, and he's sure he knows that someone at the auction house absconded with the moolah. Sure enough, he learns three guys were working at the place and all quit at the same time six months ago. So, he starts to track all three workers down to find what they did with the cash. And what he finds all three times is...well, this was an interesting RMT with a slightly disappointing ending, but I'd recommend it for a listen.

I. Pondexter

I don't think it was a brilliant episode, but it was just plain good! Entertaining, held my interest very well as I was looking forward to finding out what happened to each man. The attitudes and expectations of the men are timeless as this story played out today would certainly have these elements involved. The receiveing of money that you did not warrant or deserve and the emotional baggage that would come with it. The thoughts that God is punishing you by allowing your family to die in the plane crash, was a result of your mis-deads for example. The gambler who really believes he has a "system" that he can make even more money from his ill gotten cash. Of course to end up broke. Then the "good guy of the bunch refusing to "go too far" with the money, use it but don't use it as it were. I really like CBSRMT and this episode is a testament to why.

Christopher Pine

I'm about to listen now, and I am pleased that frequent CBSRMT players Robert Kaliban and Ray Owens received top billing in this episode. :D

Dan in South Jersey

I agree too that the ending was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a better outcome for the most moral character (played by Ray Owens). With that being said, the acting was top-notch, and it's definitely worth a listen.

Dan in South Jersey

I like that this episode actually starred two, long-time favorites: Bob Kaliban and Ray Owens.


ecause more space is needed in the warehouse, three employees are told to send out for auction a trunk unclaimed for 20 years. As they start to move it, the trunk falls open, spilling out books and three million dollars in cash. Each takes a million and sets out to do what he’s always dreamed of doing. The only trouble is a hood knows about the trunk and the money. He believes he has more right to the cash than any of them does.


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