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After foreseeing his involvement in a heinous crime, a murder mystery author demands that he be incarcerated to escape his fate. Dismissing his claims as absurd, his old friend and police chief ignores his pleas and he ends up committing a felony!



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 4, 1980
  • Repeat - September 25, 1980





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3 Responses to Episode 1091

Pretty lame episode. Spoiler alert following. A really dull depressed man wants his old friend to stop him because he has figured out how to commit the perfect crime. The friend and his wife don't believe him, so you think the perfect crime is about to hap[pen? Not so, the guy bungles everything, first he tells everybody where he is going, then he buys the victim a bottle of champagne that he knew the victim doesn't like, then he drugs it with something that tastes awful, then he looks away so the victim can switch glasses on him, and even so he failed to use a lethal dose. Yes sir, that's the perfect crime. (sarcasm)


The man was insane, so nothing he did would make sense.


Terri Keane's character was more interesting then usual, (for an Elspeth Eric story where she generally plays a brooding, repressed housewife who doesn't do much). This time she is a woman who takes charge near the end of the story and pretty much "saves the day", so to speak. (I don't wish to give to much away here.) The policeman was kind of dumb not to realize that the obsessed man was a danger to himself and others, but the man didn't belong in jail. He belonged in a mental institution.


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