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The Unbearable Reflection


In order to claim her soul, the Devil, masquerading as her husband's campaign manager tricks the reprehensible and adulterous wife of a prominent politician into killing her husband.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 15, 1975
  • Repeat - January 15, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0327

This one reminds me of Twilight Zone.


The first lady of a major state is having an affair and is generally a despicable person. The devil (her husband's campaign manager) tricks her into killing her husband so he can possess her soul. Instead, she sells him her reflection, thinking she got the better end of the deal.


A socialite woman is married to power and influence, and has affairs with freedom and excitement. Her vanity and self-indulgence irritates her husband and frustrates her suitors. Things come to a head and someone is murdered. When an agent of satan arrives and offers to the woman a solution to her new problem in exchange for her reflection, she agrees not realizing the full impact of the offer.

Mr. Lachberry

This is one of those rare RMT episodes that sort of grates me. The lead character is so self-centered, spoiled, and annoying (though very well acted) that my stretch to feel pity or sympathy for her was something I just couldn't muster. In one way, it was kind of nice to see a spoiled brat fall into this predicament, only in that it illustrated that sometimes bad things can happen to bad people. Even when she bore witness to her "true" reflection in the end, I still remained unmoved by the whole affair. And unfortunately, the Devil character was a bit too Lucky Charm's Leprichaun for my taste, especially when he delivered the line "now I've got you in my power -- forevahh!" While the show itself was fairly well produced; it moved very quickly and seemed to take place in one spot, as though the lead character never really moved from the x-spot on the stage, despite the fact that the show did have different locations. The acting was top notch as usual and the writing, in my opinion was fair-to-good, but the tale itself just seemed to lack any real luster. I never felt any emotion for anyone. A tale of tainted players. I gave the show a 3.9 and would call it an "average" RMT episode.


I sort of feel the same way as you, Lantis. I did somewhat feel for the man who was her governor husband, but his politics seemed kind of muddled to me in some ways. Still, this wasn't the worst of RMT episodes. And again, in the RMT whenever we see Satan or one of his demon associates its never (to my knowledge) in a positive light.


Patricia Elliott was excelent, Mandel Kramer great as always. I like the way Ian Martin wrote the nurse in with the name of "Elspeth." This thing had the supernatural and time warpage going, not bad. I give it 3 as a play, a 4 for acting. 3.5 overall. And you know I've gotta pick on something. Deborah had no reflection and was even dodging photographers. Yet she attended the funeral wearing a veil, implying that her clothes could be seen (and photographed), just not her body. Then, when she and Nicky are walking through the hall, he said he didn't see her in the mirror, as if he were walking alone. So, either she had stripped off all of her clothes while she was walking down the hall, or...


Another good episode, however, I am getting hit over the head a bit much with the morality of these shows. Doesn't anyone ever make a deal with the devil (or his helper) and get rich off of it? I mean, not happy, but rich or something! I was hooked the whole time. It was more a question of "How bad can it get for this woman?" I knew it wasn't going to end well, but I liked the effects of her scary looks! However, I get the point, don't sell your reflection to the devil, or you will regret it.

Denver Delovino

further to: No good coming from Satan's 'help' Episode 414 Jan 11, 1976 MARK TWAIN WEEK: The Mysterious Stranger The protagonist meets the Devil's nephew and asks favours of him which are granted to the letter. It is not so much the Devil's doing that creates problems as it is the human reactions to the intervention.


I found this episode somewhat interesting and was intrigued to find out where it would go and how it would be resolved. I particularly like the time-warping ending, putting her right back where she started. I however agree that there was some confusion on how the loss of her reflection was played out (e.g. was it just her body that couldn't be seen in a mirror, or did it include the clothes she was wearing?)

Oliver Revo

never ever ever ever make a deal with the devil! you'll always lose in the end!

terence jones

I would've called this a morality play, but the main character had no morals. As many others have said, don't make deals with the devil (or his associates). I have only heard two tales where someone got the better of the devil - The Devil Went Down to Georgia (I always liked this song) and a story I heard recently called The Hell Train (I think that was it). Overall it was an okay episode, but difficult to sympathize with any of the characters.


Excellent sound quality. Loud screams and other noises (which matters to those of us who try to fall alseep to these gems). Some commercials and news (which I adore).


Episode is good. I don’t believe you have to have any feelings especially of sympathy for the characters in any story. Maybe you can relate, or maybe the tale is a look into another dimension not of you, but could perhaps be you with their choices.

Scooter D

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