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Hidden Memory


A man obtains a unique ability as a result of his liberation from the ghosts in his past. When he begins remembering things from a time before he was even born, he begins to wonder whether his so-called gift is actually a curse.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 28, 1981
  • Repeat - November 19, 1981





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5 Responses to Episode 1237

I love this one. It is exciting visualizing the images everybody can see. The voices were very dramatic in this play. Elspeth Eric (the grandmother), and Kristoffer Tabori (the grandson), have what appear to be off kilter British accents. However. Teri Keane (the mother) does not have one. You have to love this! :)


I however thought this episode was dreary and uninteresting. The plot turned out to be dull and unresolved even. After 8 years you figure this show is running out of steam. I am wondering after making this far whether I should go on listening to the hundred or so that are left. At least the next one is another Holmes and Watson. The thought struck me as the grandmother was looking into the 'shiny purple paper' for the climax, whether this was a 'jump the shark' moment that the show Happy Days had reached about the same broadcast time


What a disappointing ending! I've listened to all of the episodes up to this one and this one ended with no conclusion at all.


I lasted the whole episode, despite several eye rolls. Completely implausible. Random connections some how fit perfect.


Elspith Eric is probably my favorite CBSRMT writer but this episode wasn't my favorite. Great acting though & exploration of a topic that in the early 80s was just beginning to take shape in popular culture.


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