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The Black Whale


After learning how to read, a bondsman in Antebellum Texas dreams of being free. However, death is the fate of anyone who attempts to liberate him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 25, 1975
  • Repeat - July 7, 1976





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12 Responses to Episode 0351

I love this story


This is a particularly good show and despite the title, has nothing to do with whales or the sea. In 1820, a slave (a black man of course) educates himself and learns to read. His master refuses to believe that a slave could learn to read in spite of a Northern friend of his who is visiting and is greatly impressed by the man. A series of unpredictable events occur as a result of the slave\'s desire to be free and better himself.

Jerry Alpo

A slave in antebellum Texas learns to read and longs for freedom. But those who would free him end up dying.

B. Valen

Story of a slave in the old south who is more than he seems... He's a person. This drama takes the brave stance of opposing slavery. It's better than it might have been but still merely adequate.

Chas Jonas

The description makes it sound like there is some sort of supernatural curse on anyone who helps him- which is not true- not sure if they actually listened to it. It is a great story about the reality of freedom compared to the fantasy of freedom- and reality offers hard choices.


Fabulous episode! Set in Texas of the early 1800\'s. Explorers the notion of freedom and slavery from the eyes of a self-educated slave who, when his master discovers he can read and write, has him look after his business affairs until he dies and the slave is put back on the market.

Marconi Jr.

A good story. I like Paul's description about the reality vs. fantasy of freedom.




It's one of my favorite 'non-spooky' stories.


A good story to listen to. Paul aptly describes it about the reality of freedom vs. the fantasy of freedom.


Just chilling on a rainy day in Texas listening to this hidden gem. Injustice still exists here today in Tejas!

Scooter D and Greens

It was, and the only appearance on CBSRMT by Brock Peters.


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