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Sheer Terror


A police officer must solve the biggest case of his life- the disappearance of his wife who was kidnapped by an obsessed fan who intends to marry her!



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 22, 1979
  • Repeat - February 12, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1023

I'm a big fan of Columbo - but the 1992 episode "No Time to Die" (the only kidnapping instead of murder episode) steals the character of the kidnapper from here - almost line for line! Still worth a look


This is one of the first episodes I ever taped. Very dramatic and creepy. In a recent review, I mentioned that a central character may have been the most vilest ever. In this episode-- we are introduced to possibly the most deranged and pathetic. Sid Prout isn't exactly a villian, he's as much a victim as any of the characters. He's survived a truly horrific childhood and is simply a lonely, friendless man trying to have some contact with the human race. It's hard not to feel some sympathy for him. Earl Hammond does an incredible job of bringing this "creepy" character to life. Earl Hammond was one of RMT's true treasures -- an amazing range. Teri Keane is great in this one to. Her character is placed in "Sheer Terror" and is brave, resourceful, and survives with flying colors. This is an interesting commentary on daytime soap operas, which most of the RMT cast members were veterans of......... I like the twist at the end-- with the dog really being her "guardian angel"............ Until next time.............

Jardine Delovino

You gave away the ending before I could even listen! Waaaah. I'll play it anyhow. But kinda takes away the "mystery" part of Mystery Theater...


I think these comments for the shows are intended to be read after we listen to the show and post our opinions on the episodes. So... "spoilers" are not uncommon. Sometimes I'm glad they're posted because they can offer insights into something I may have missed entirely, but I try not to "read ahead" too often. Enjoy the show and pleasant dreams.


Terri Keane is my favorite voice on Mystery Theater.I miss women/people who spoke normally without screaming or fake accents.


Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novel "So Long As You Both Shall Live" (1976) has a very similar plotline. The Columbo episode "No Time to Die" mentioned in an earlier comment was based the Ed McBain novel.

Joshua Stewart

This is very much like a Mary Higgins Clark type story.


Exciting listen. Thanks CBSRMT!


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