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Dangerous Memory


Weighed down by the guilt of imagined misdeeds, a Vietnam veteran is urged to seek the counsel of a noted psychologist by his girlfriend. He must come to terms with the phantoms of his past in order to save his future.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 24, 1979
  • Repeat - February 14, 1980





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10 Responses to Episode 1024

I guess I may have stated before, but my favorite kind of RMT shows are the ones that deal with people's sanity and psychology. While this episode begins with that kind of "this guy is totally nuts" kind of drama, it seems to build on a theme only to revert to the oldest trick in the book: a simple deception and someone playing tricks on him. Once the notorious plot is revealed, I began to lose interest. It was great while it lasted, but then it seemed as though the writer just had no where else to go.  


Once the deception was revealed, the whole thing failed to hold my interest.  The first act really had my intrigued although I began to suspect what ultimately would be revealed. I was surfing the net while listening by the end. Just not that engaging.

Bernice W.

Hmmm...a show about a Viet Nam vet whose last name is "Kerry". You trying to send us a subliminal message

Jan Marini

How perceptive of you! I missed the Kerry thing altogether!

Malcolm Granger

Ha!! Had I been aware of that, I may have thought twixe about posting this show! (Don't forget, I've had to deal with Kerry's politics for the past 20 years)


It is actually spelled "Carey" in the CBSRMT Episode guide. I do agree what a werid coincidence. I enjoyed this episode. It might have been predictable in some people's opinion but I still enjoyed it. I was not sure if there would be some sort of twist still so I listened to the entire episode.

Ian C.

I had my own flashback listening to this episode. I remembered the condescending treatment of Vietnam veterans. The script is too stereotypical, over-the-top with that same 'they're all disturbed killers' mush. The sergeant's wartime behavior is too over the top to permit the suspension of disbelief, as is Carey's. Agate's prejudice taints his script.


Thought this one was great. I've become a real admirer of Mr. Agate.

Bill King

An engaging story, excellent sound quality, and - my favorite - commercials included!


I'd sum it up by saying it was "Gaslight, but with a man." Many points of the story that didn't make sense did end up coming together at the end. However, the one point that seemed silly was a certain character's hiding the wig in such an obvious place. Why didn't they destroy that evidence asap? Maybe that person, deep down, wanted out of the whole situation, which was why they put the wig where they did. And I guess the end bears that idea out.


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