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The Shriek of the Mandrake


A filming crew is disrupted in their actions when the spirit in the ancient manor house they were shooting in decides to attack the lead casts.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 13, 1978
  • Repeat - September 14, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0815

A movie filming in an old manorhouse is disrupted when a ghost preys on the leading men.

Chuck N.

First off...I always got a kick out of that particular sound effect used for the "shriek"...the same sound effect is also used for the guttural screams of "Bertha" in the RMT's episode of "Jane Eyre".

June A.

This was a fun episode, I guess. What mostly occurred to me as I was listening is that this story is truly OTR-like--it could have been broadcast on SUSPENSE or any of those old programs. And I love the shriek itself....


This show is a pretty good mystery, at any given point each of the characters seems likely to be the killer. That said, I dislike this show for one reason: the waste of a great title. When I first listened to it 2 years ago I was drawn purely by the title. I expected some 16th c. drama involving alchemists, potions, treachery etc. I think the mystery could have been effective using some other centerpiece. I do think the sound effect itself was very good, but would it be real scary coming out of a cassette recorder?


This one is a straight mystery and does a pretty good job. I liked the sound effect of the mandrake and I thought the performances were all good. I think my only problem with it is that it plays it's hand too soon and pretty much gives away the murderer. Still, on the whole, I would say this is a pretty decent episode.


A bit like a "Murder She Wrote" Episode. Safe but pleasant.

Phillip M.

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