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Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold


A scientist conducts experiments on a young drifter to allow him to be able to control the weather with his emotions. When his young subject escapes, the scientist must find his subject before he creates havoc.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 21, 1977
  • Repeat - November 6, 1977





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3 Responses to Episode 0669

This is another one I remember listening to in my childhood .. . . very memorable.


This was an interesting story, but it felt like it need a little more work done. For starters, the Title. After listening to this CBSRMT episode, it should've been called "Weather Or Not", "The Conditions", or even "Frankenstein's Weather Monster" because that's exactly what happened in this tale: a doctor experimenting on a person who cannot control his emotions and could bring chaos to wherever he goes. Second, it's always a delight to hear E.G. Marshall as the Host, but mainly he narrated what just happened or what will happen in the story and fans will try to figure out if this is a Drama-Mystery, a Fantasy-Mystery, a Science Fiction-Mystery, a Romantic-Mystery, or altogether. The sound effects of the teacups clinking, the metronome clicks, the footsteps, the car engine running, the birds, the splashes in the swimming pool, the large crowd at the swim meet, the gun fire, the car screeching, the rotary phone, and the hospital room worked well. But the sound effects of the rain, lighting, hail, and thunderstorms were epic! The music, however, it's one thing to use music to change from one scene to the next, but they should've used music in the middle of the scenes where the weather changes. We get the idea that when the drifter feels happy, it's sunny. And if he feels sad, it's raining. And if he feels angry, the storm will blow. But the music within the weather, that would've been amazing. Take the "happy" music from the 18-minute 50-second mark from Ep. #0508-THE GOLDEN PEOPLE, the "bone-chilling" music from the 37-minute 28-second mark from Ep. #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE, the "agonizing" music from 9-minute 14-secdond mark from Ep. #0167-THE BLACK ROOM, the "intense" music from 25-minute 9-second mark from Ep. #1013-THE GUILLOTINE, the "passionate" music from the 10-miunte 7-second mark from Ep. #1035-THE SPECTER BRIDEGROOM, the "intensify" music from the 15-minute 34-second mark from Ep. #0053-THE CREATURE FROM THE SWAMP, and the "mysterious" music from the 27-minute 17-second mark from Ep. #0878-DOCTOR EDUARDO, this would be a dynamic episode. And speaking of dynamic, what I loved the most was the cast in this: Norman Rose (as Dr. Herman Bruno), Russell Horton (as Rick Slander: the 22-year old drifter with a light red beard), Bryna Raeburn (as Mrs. Borden: the doctor's housemaid and Aunt Lilian Fowler), Morgan Fairchild (as Robin Fowler: the 17-year old swimmer), and Ralph Bell (as Sheriff John Fowler). These 5 talented actors have done great work from other episodes, but hearing them together in one mystery episode is just phenomenal.


I liked it but in parts it was just kind of ridiculous how he was supposedly effecting the weather around him! Great storyline and one honestly I don't think I have seen in other movies or radio shows.


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