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Cherchez la Femme


With the intention of making an investment, the owner of a French Quarter restaurant entrusted the sum of $10,000 to a long-time friend and customer. When an unexpected twist of fate resulted in the man’s death, the restaurateur is forced to hire a private eye to track down her money. The search takes him through the shadier side of New Orleans and all the way to New York City, only to find that what he was searching for had been underneath his nose all along.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 15, 1977
  • Repeat - August 6, 1977
  • Repeat - April 14, 1979





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CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, “Cherchez La Femme,” starring Robert Dryden and Bryna Raeburn, with E.G. Marshall, host. O. Henry is persuaded by a New Orleans cafe owner to help retrieve the $25,000 she entrusted to one of her customers. Madame Ottilie Tibault, owner of a prosperous little cafe in the French Quarter of New Orleans, gives the $25,000 she has been keeping under he mattress to Gaspard Morin, one of her customers, for “investment.” But, before he can tell her what he has invested in, Morin dies O. Henry agrees to help Madame Tibault find out what happened to the money. His most promising clue is the name of a woman Morin uttered just before he died: “Miss Liberty.” CAST: O. Henry............ROBERT DRYDEN Gaspard Morin...........Ian Martin Madame Tibault......BRYNA RAEBURN Gumbo Charley..........Bill Griffis

1979 PR Synopsis

We love hearing classic literature such as this. I also love the search feature, we we\'re having Gumbo and this story matched our dinner perfectly. Searched for New orleans.


A swindler takes the money of a dumb woman just before he dies. Her boyfriend searches high and low to get it back.

Bobby Banners

I love O'Henry and New Orleans, and I have never heard this tale. It will be a promising treble of mental entertainment and relaxation!

Scooter D and the New Years Greens

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