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No Hiding Place


The would-be CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is threatened with the revelation of a dark deed in his past.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 10, 1974
  • Repeat - February 25, 1974






30 Responses to Episode 0005

Reminded me of the proverb "Even the wicked get less than they deserve." No one gets a happy ending here. Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


Crime drama, and a good one. This is a standout episode.


Does paying a blackmailer ever work?


Take a Wild guess

Cash Harris

I loved this from KGVO AM out of Missoula, Montana USA 🇺🇸! Now enjoying it again here in The Philippines with my wife who loves it as much as I! Thank you to whom ever makes this possible for free to the public God Bless!

Craig & Luzviminda Johnson

Listen here the Central Luzon and really makes me feel at home :)

Joe tuffts

NO PLACE TO HIDE: The CBS-RMT was one of the most depressing, disheartening stories I've ever heard in a fiction show. A man who was convicted for a murder he didn't commit escapes from prison, gets some good fortune when he's declared dead, builds a new identity and is engaged to be married to a rich girl. He's about to move up in her father's firm when one of his former prison inmates comes along and blackmails him, threatening to expose him. Long story short, his fiance stands behind him and they decide that rather than spend the rest of their lives feeding the guy money he needs to be dead. Her plan to kill him in a car accident works, but not before the bad guy kills her. Ex-con gets exposed anyway (for reasons I don't think were explained), is accused of her murder, and simply says he didn't do it, and "please make it as quickly as possible for me to join her."


I agree Tony. I have listened to the first 70+ episodes and although this is one of the best, he is one of the characters I feel the worst for.


An ex-con appears in a respectable businessman's life only to squeeze some cash for his silence. The ex-con demands a lot of money but the price to get rid of him might be greater.


Rather typical bad guy from the past haunts ex con who’s made good. But it’s the CBSRMT so it holds up.

Max Echiverri

A great deal of the credit has to go to Larry Haines, who once again (see The Bullet) plays a victim of circumstances totally beyond his control. Although this episode was based on a standard blackmailing premise, the ending was completely unpredictable and the story kept me involved right up to E. G.'s final narration. There were some obvious similarities to the predicament Dr Richard Kimble found himself in during the run of The Fugitive. The voice of Jackson Beck topped off a great episode. Welcome to steady income Sidney!

Jardine Delovino

A reminder that my reviews do not contain spoilers (unless I warn you first). My only intention is to give the reader enough information to pique interest in a program. Sometimes this can be done in one sentence. Other times, it takes more information to set the stage. This is one of those cases where only a few words will suffice to begin your listening experience. This is a story of blackmail. A man with a seemingly bright future in business and a pending marriage is contacted by a man who knows a secret about him. As always, blackmail is a pressure cooker and it is only so long until the pressure is not sustainable.

Barry Jr.

Charles Powell is a successful corporate-climber, engaged to the boss's daughter, and seems to have the world on a plate. That is, until a dark figure from his past returns and threatens to expose Powell for his past misdeeds. The only way out may be...murder. This is a fairly straightforward tale of a man trying to run from his past. Genre: Suspense


A man who is about to become CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is blackmailed for a horrible misdeed in his past.

Ismael B.

A man who is about to become CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is blackmailed for a horrible misdeed in his past. Excellent suspense thriller. We get to hear Beck's crusty villian voice for the first time. Recommended

Fernan Smithson

An escaped wrongly-convicted finds a new life under a new identity as a corporate executive, happily engaged to the president's daughter. A charred body found by police and mistakenly identified as him leads him to believe he is in the clear, until a stranger shows who knows his prison number. Silence comes at a cost and he and his fiance plot out how to eliminate the extortionist. Of course things don't turn out as expected and our protagonist finds himself right back where he started.

Erik Lensherr

A good fast-moving episode. I thought Allison was just going to be another nondescript girlfriend character, but that was definitely not the case.

Phillip M.

A memorable episode and, as mentioned previously, I also felt empathy for Larry Haines' character. He was wrong about only two things to do with a blackmailer though. You can pay, you can get rid of them (however that may be), or you can come clean (which he did give as an option, but didn't say there was a third option).


Sidney Sloan wrote decent episodes for CBSRMT like Ep. #0094-THE CRACK IN THE WALL and Ep. #0192-TURN ABOUT IS FOUL PLAY, but this particular one was just plain old drama. It had a skepticism feel to it, but the climax & resolution didn't cut it. E.G. Marshall could've explained the story in more detail, but instead it was a lackluster. I guess I'm being too critical on this since this was one of the first several episodes of the series and the host didn't get audiences' attention yet at the time when this was aired. A rough start, I should say. But here's what I liked. The sound effects brought tension & the music brought the suspense in all 3 Acts. Also, I enjoyed Larry Haines' acting. He always played theses roles where he becomes stressed/paranoid and he nailed this one for playing Charles Powel a.k.a. Robert Hagen-3541063. I give props to Anne Meacham for playing 2 roles: Allison McCready the fiancé & Elise the secretary. Sidney Walker (as John P McCready) and Tom Keena (as future District Attorney George Hamill) were good. But Jackson Beck (as Clint Livets) was terrific like Ralph Bell when they play the role of villains. If you like Drama-Mystery more than Fantasy-Mystery, tune in to this one. SPECIAL BONUS: Listen to the commercials. There's one with Himan Brown where he gives out the Address to CBSRMT at Box 50, Radio City Station, New York, 10019.


I also rate this one as average. I suppose 3 out f 5 stars is appropriate. Was predictable and kind of standard for this kind of story. Still enjoyed the show but was not a home run for me.


Ever notice how perhaps some (or many) of you go back to listen repetitively to certain episodes of RMT? Because they touch some nerve? Contain just the right amount of pathos to never be boring even into the 15th time listening? For me this is one of those episodes. Charles Powell embodies a little of the "Man in The Grey Flannel Suit" with some of the more haunted parts of Don Draper and becomes a compellingly sympathetic and tragic figure here…made all the better through the subtle stylings of Larry Haines. In fact, many of his appearances are the shows I most frequent, and for exactly the reason “Russ” shared above. Besides “The Bullet” one of my other favorites of his is “The Last Orbit.” and “Blizzard Of Terror.” Although not perfect, this story had enough twists and turns in it to keep me wondering how it would end. A thumbs up for me!


Any episode with Larry Haines is bound to be a good one. Either he picked the best episodes or he took any episode and made it good.


I hate empathizing and rooting for a character only to have it.... Anyway, I rarely give a thumbs down, but this ending was so dismal that it earned one from me.


An outstanding episode with an unexpected ending. One of my favorites. Highly recommended and a keeper for my collection.


I have listened to all 1,399 episodes and now am listening to them again and reviewing them. I said before I love Larry Haines and if he is in it, the episode is almost always good. He reminds me of Humphrey Bogart. The episode is well-written and well-acted and one of the better shows I have listened to.


A good episode. You can't hide from your past and it's never wise to pay a blackmailer! Sad ending but you can't take justice into your own hands. Solid performance by actors and actresses alike. Definitely worth listening to!


Instead of paying off the blackmailer, the blackmail money should have been used to hire a good attorney to help with his previous conviction/escape. No good comes from paying a blackmailer.


Do the actors Voices give you any clue on their character? Describe

Caren Pierre

The abruptness and directness of this post isn't likely to get much action. Maybe a little bit of your own thoughts on this? Anything stating why you're asking? Your post has as a school question/essay feel to Hope this helps, and doesn't come across offensive in any way...just an observation & personal p.o.v. from a fellow lover of RMT.


Interesting view of reincarnation that involves a soul (and presumably memories) being transplanted upon death to an adult animal, rather than one in the process of being born or conceived. Crime drama with questioned supernatural happenings.


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