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The Good Ship Aud


A graphic recounting of the life and death of Sir Roger Casement, who was sentenced to hang for his crimes against the British Crown.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 1, 1982
  • Repeat - March 30, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1284

. Basically, this WW-I freedom fighter had military strategies prevented, got apprehended, and then hanged. Earl Hammond did a terrific job for playing the role with an Irish accent. However, this episode didn't have much Mystery to it. But that's just my opinion. Check this episode out since it's Tammy Grimes' 1st episode of hosting it


This is awesome. Sir Roger Casement was a hero for the 3rd world and exposed how the crown enslaved many in the Americas and Africa. A fictional biography of his life just won the Nobel Prize for literature. And it's written in Spanish! How many Caements mus come before the exploitation ends?

Scott D

I must agree with Russ--there was very little mystery in this episode at all. As a matter of a fact, the title "The Good Ship Aud" really didn't fit; or at least, there probably could have been a better title. I did enjoy much of the dialogue. Scene 2 where Casement was caught by a British policeman--the policeman said how he admired Casement, but had to arrest him. After all, it was his duty. As a former history teacher, I can tell you that not much is written about Casement in American history books. I am sure that is not the case in Ireland. Location does greatly effect perception. I enjoyed the episode, but it really was not that dynamic for the passive listener. Alas, 3 stars. By the way, I am frequently criticizing Mystery Theater for poor voice and casting. Earle Hammond's Irish accent was fantastic as well was Marien Seldes's contribution to the story.


Doggonit, I think Gene King shoulda been the new host when E.G. left. He had the PERFECT voice for it!

Sammy Reed

What happened that E. G. Marshall was no longer hosting the program?

Jim K.

He was dying from lung cancer

Keith D.

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