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Girl Talk


Two former schoolmates compare their present lives many years later. One has chosen to be a homemaker while another deals with bureaucratic politics in her capacity as a Senator. Even through the process of taking stock, one of them plans a murder.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 16, 1978
  • Repeat - October 29, 1978





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5 Responses to Episode 0834

"Girl Talk" shows brief moments of potential brilliance. But even the shining talent of Teri Keene as a desperate and potentially homicidal housewife was not enough to keep my interest in Sam Dann’s dialogue-heavy meeting between old friends waxing nostalgic on how their lives turned out. The premise is actually a unique and quite brave undertaking by Dann. However improved dialogue work and additional suspense could have served this story better. I give “Girl Talk” 2 stars out of 5.

Juror 4

I liked all the flashback sequences. This was good; not great, but good.


I remember cbsrmt quite well. Teri Keane is great as usual. The show, though, is a bit long on dialogue. Give it a 4 out of 5.


Started out with so much promise and heads into interesting territory for a CBSRMT, but ultimately finished with a copout ending....sigh. One of those episodes that seems to be going so well then all of a sudden the editor decides it needs to end more quickly.


Did you say copout ending? Far from it. This was a planned and calculated ending by the writer. It is a typical O Henry ending. Start with the title, Girl Talk which tells of the two school friends who because of the one date with the guy rival they wound up leading totally opposite lives, which both hated and led them to virtual blows and their hands around their necks throttling each other. Well then the guy cause of all this walks into the restaurant and the women ask him do you remember that fateful day? Says he, "Not at all. Can't remember a thing, he was too drunk!" See, typically clever O Henry ending.


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