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A Point in Time


Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The inhabitants have a reason for their seclusion.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 15, 1976
  • Repeat - January 25, 1977





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15 Responses to Episode 0536

One of the better episodes. Has a 'Twlight Zone' feel to it...


I'm a sucker for time travel tales, so I really enjoyed this story. I liked the explanation of space/time travel as it reminded me of how we currently compress audio and video files to "transport" over the internet. It was amusing to think of how detailed the planning was for the aliens, and yet all it took was one incompetent amongst them in a key position to muck it all up.

Todd Johnson

Two hikers in the New Mexico desert stumble on a town that at first glance seems to be stuck in the 1920's. Further events reveal much more sinister happenings.

Hector C.

A futuristic tale set in a totalitarian state. An elderly scientist and his sister attempt to change the miserable state of the world by sending a military leader back in time. A fairly interesting premise that never quite gets off the ground. A rushed ending doesn't help the matter. Genre:Science Fiction

Hector Jr.

This episode was not one of my favs. I kept on wanting the old man to die. Is that bad of me? Well anyway, I thought that the episode really dragged on and could have done well if we were given more time in the past. I think it took forever to for the poison to take hold.....either way, I wanted more time in the past to see what changes, if any, would take place. It sounds like Morgan is going to start again on the better side of things. I always enjoy episodes that end in sadness and despare. But then again that's just me.


I know part of the fun of reviewing are the varying viewpoints. The ending caught me a bit by surprise although it started being telegraphed a few minutes away. I actually liked how this went. Frankly, if you want another RMT program where Norman Rose plays a brilliant man who finds a way to "go back in time" to when he meets his wife (while his future ends in a different fashion than this one) within a program that is indeed more melancholy, I'd go for "The movie makers" with Rose, Marian Seldes, Russell Horton and Earl Hammond. Seriously, at times "A point in time" felt a bit like "The movie makers". - Although it may have involved a bit of overacting, I still LOVED Rose's character's dialogue with Ralph "The interrogator" Bell around the 18:00 mark. I don't necessarily love the words but got a kick out of the delivery when Rose said: "Colonel, you are...a JACKASS!" at 20:27. - We hear about how one of the talents of certain great singers is that they can "hit" multiple octaves. I think the same could be said of actors who can do young, mature and elderly characters, and one of those actors was the late, talented Evie Juster. (I STILL have never found a picture of her.) She was called upon to do multiple "octaves" for the RMT: little kids, college-age women, ingenues and frequently, old ladies, the latter of which she could often do well. Sometimes, though, in her elderly voice she'd say lines that would crack me up, and for some reason at 15:12 in this program when she said "'Old lady', Hmmm?"...that was one of them. God rest your soul, Ms. Juster. - Some nice RMT music bits on this one: -- One of said "bits" I most remember from originally listening to the RMT is the sinister "WHAAWWWWWW" of muted trombones and/or trumpets at 20:37. -- It's said that the young, still lithe enough though now matronly Marian Seldes started her career as a dancer. I'd pay money to go back to "a point in time" and watch her do ballet to the simultaneously slightly ominous yet very dreamlike music at the 24:47 mark, E.G.'s second act outtro...I honestly would have loved to see the young dancer Ms. Seldes put her whole body in motion to that performance, given how she seems to have an affinity for the "mysterious". -- At the 39:23 mark...the orchestral piece (I won't give away what's happening in the RMT show). I downloaded a very good original Twilight Zone show episode entitled: "And when the sky was opened" (and, as we do here, totally disagreed with the reviewer of that show to whose page I was an excellent episode, IMO) one point, two of the main characters are in a bar. What's playing? That same orchestral piece. It's always a treat watching an old TWZ and saying: "Hey, (as an RMT reviewer) I'm still hearing that music today!"

Paula Louise

Maybe I was a bit harsh. I liked the story but it really wasn't my cup of tea. I just wanted something more to happen during the course of the show. The ending didn't really do anything for me because I felt it was uneventful. I also appreciate your great indept reviews of all the shows Paula.


This is one of the few that I really didn't care for. Particularly the way it ended. Simply having a brutal tyrant meet a certain individual would not necessarily mean that he would change his ways. A very shallow assumption. Not one of my favorites.


I was looking for more depth in the story. I wanted to hear the horrors of this man's rulings, the lost love story, or even what life in the future/past was like and how it was changed. I did like the ending. How sweet a brother was to risk his life to give his sister a bit of happiness (okay, and maybe to change the outcome of the city's future too)

Norge T.

Enjoyed this mystery

Gina Schackel

I loved this one. The ending is a bit like The Lady and the Tiger.


Perfect story for New Years! Another year and I'm still full of love for you Cbs Radio Mysteries!

Gina Schackel

Perfect story for New Years! Another year and I'm still full of love for you Cbs Radio Mysteries!

Gina Schackel

Man, just dig, that means enjoy, to you needs and wanna be phd's. Just relax and enjoy.


From the description of the show in the summary, I assume this is the episode involving the town that seems to be stuck in the 1920's (there are two shows with the same title). I love the ending and the alacrity with which one of the two friends defects. Several RMT episodes involve tales told to psychiatrists...of course, they always end up being true.


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