Mary Higby (Writer)

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(12-29-1892 - 02-27-1960) Age 68

Mary Jane Higby was raised in Hollywood by her silent movie star father, Wilbur Higby. She appeared in a number of radio soap operas in Hollywood and New York. In addition to starring in 36 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, she wrote five episodes.

She appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
07/11/1974 0117 The Devil-God After inheriting a sprawling ranch, a young couple discover that the estate is home to a wild and beautiful Palomino stallion. What they don't know is that the horse belongs to a powerful deity who is angered by their attempts to claim the steed as their own.
11/18/1974 0175 The Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee While on a boat trip, a young couple and their daughter become lost in the dense fog. The spirit of a woman lures them to a strange island whose sole inhabitant proves to have questionable motives.
03/13/1975 0238 Death Pays No Dividend A group of failed Wall Street financiers try to arrange their own deaths at the hands of a professional assassin so their families can collect on their life insurances. But an unexpected stroke of good fortune comes to them, though their appointment with death is still on!
06/02/1975 0284 River of Hades A dancer seeking refuge in New York City from a communist regime is stalked continually by someone.
10/15/1976 0536 A Point in Time Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The inhabitants have a reason for their seclusion.

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