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Enemy from Space


In an attempt to start a nuclear war, alien beings kidnap the president and send back a double to take his place. Aware of the deception, his daughter and aide take steps to hinder their sinister scheme.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 26, 1979
  • Repeat - September 6, 1979





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5 Responses to Episode 0965

Not a bad story, but not best of for some of the sci fi show the theater made.


Great sci fi story. Good voice over performances. Superb sound effects and background music. This is one of the best radio theater science fiction plays I've heard in a long time.

Don Wilkey

‘Enemy from Space’… CAUTION – AUDIO QUALITY on the MP3 is HORRIBLE and gets worse to the point I could not make out the ending. So here’s what I surmised (SPOLIER ALERT – THIS STORY IS A WHOPPER) … basically, this is an alien invasion story with overtones of Cold War morality. Invading human-like aliens have suffered a nuclear war on their own planet where their bodies evolved to survive the nuclear winter aftermath. Now they have sights on conquering Earth but first need a nuclear war here so that they can live in the post-apocalyptic environment. (You’ve gotta love writer Ian Martin’s imagination on this one!) Their plan is to kidnap the US President (Mandel Kramer) and substitute him with a war mongering robot look-alike to try to provoke Russia into nuclear Armageddon. In minor roles, the President’s daughter and her Cabinet Secretary boyfriend (Russell Horton) suspect the President is a fugazi. Meanwhile in captivity, the real President and the (conveniently female) alien leader hit it off romantically and he convinces her to call off the plan. The story is mildly entertaining however the terrible audio quality is ruinous. A huge plot hole is why the aliens don’t just nuke the earth on their own, given their vastly superior technology. For better Mystery Theater fare of the sci-fi genre catch one of my favorite episodes of all time – ‘Prisoner of the Machines.’ Or for Cold War ethics listen to ‘Shelter’ or ‘Children of Death.’ JUROR #4.


U.S. President Winston Alexander is kidnapped in the year 2729 by robots from a giant ship cruising through space in search of a planet to colonize. They transform the President into one of them, a machine wrapped in a simulacrum, which gives the machine the semblance of a human. Twenty-four hours later, they return the president to Earth, programmed to push the button that will start the long-dreaded nuclear war. Once all human life has been obliterated, the simulacrums will move in and set up their own society.


At first,sounded like the plotstory line from the Mid - 90's sci -first dramady 'MARS ATTACKS film',but was pleasantly surprised as this C.B.S.R.M.T. continued onto the end! GLORPLAK!!

Bob Hudgins

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