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A Private Demon


In order to protect his name, a college professor murders a student when he is presented with evidence that refutes his theories. A battle of wits ensues when the absent-minded professor is pitted against a police detective and his hired help in order to prove his innocence.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 21, 1980
  • Repeat - September 11, 1980





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7 Responses to Episode 1087

A professor has conducted extensive research into a lost civilization on the Iran/Afghanistan border and after years of obscurity is possibly a candidate for the Nobel Prize as a result of his findings. One day the professor is visited at his home by a young researcher who has evidence that contradicts some of his findings - something that could eliminate his chance for the prize and further recognition. Soon, there will be a murder investigation. For a while, I thought I was listening to a radio version of "Columbo."

Siegfred A.

Very good!


This episode is a nightmare that every academic researcher could relate to in the shadows of their minds. When tested, could anyone have their dark demons emerge? Very scary stuff psychologically. The best part is the conversation with the wife.


Listening to this episode "A Private Demon" a second time, after hearing so many episode,makes me realize what an excellently crafted episode this one is. It moves along so quickly and steadily. CBSRMT gem.


Pretty mediocre with a policeman doing a bad Columbo impression and a snooping, annoying maid

Commodore's watch

The maid's character was so annoying I was kind of hoping the professor would kill her too. A rather dull episode.

Pete Silva

I agree with Pete Silva. What a busy body that housekeeper was. I wanted to hear the rest of the episode but the radio noise that begins in the middle of it nearly makes voices impossible to decipher and started giving me a headache. So I guess I'll never know if David Porter gets revenge from beyond the grave or if the professor just trips over his tongue and bungles his story, or if Mrs. Busybody figures it all out and turns him in. I predict the latter outcome.

Mesila Thraam

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